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October, 2009 Monthly archive

Back home in Gothenburg now, just came inside the door but i really just changing clothes and then going out again because tonight is the club Versus! The club we Bassline Express and Shocks are arranging. Im VJing together with Kalle tonight and will photo and do my LDBG tv aswell. Got so much footy from stockholm now that i gotta sit down tomorrow and fix everything i think. Here is some images from stockholm. More at my flickr.

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So yesterday was pretty epic. Shit was expensive though, 200 kr and 30 kr to get your jacket in is too much money. Thats why it didnt came that many people and that sucked. But N-type killed it anyway. Now im on the train to Örebro with Emil and Jonte. Battery is dying in 5 minutes. More later, brap!

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So im on my way to the AOD party right now. Nobody wanted to come along so im gonna be there all by myself raving like a little kid on crack. Anyway i just drank a bottle of wine in like 20 minutes just because im so in a hurry… Fuck the hammer is gonna slam me in like 30 minutes or so. Pretty stoked though, got a ticket and all! Heres some N-type shit! Brappppppp!

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So the reason i came here was actually celebrating my homie Emil which turned 21 this tuesday. Anyway he had a party yesterday that was so epic. First preparty at his old office then we went out to some place that i got thrown out to just because i tryed to pour up my own beer, ha! Classic. Movie from the party is coming up soon. Now im off to the All out dubstep party. N-type is playing, stoked!

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So sthlm is pretty dope, even if im hatin on all the people here. Makin some real good footy here walking around town and chillin’. Now im off to Emil and the massive party. Special edition massiva fucking party! WHOOP WHOOP!

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Now im in sthlm, chillin with Emil and that friend of his. Awesome! New ldbg tv is in the making and we have been sitting at the office all day kinda. Time to go home, eat a pizza and drink some beer. Congratulations to emil on that 21st birthday of his!

My hair is just BSB classic.

Photo 558 copy.jpg

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I remembered when i was in like 4th or 5th grade. Everybody was listening to dudes like Markoolio and Emilia. I mostly listened to swedish hip hop back then, dudes like Petter, Fattaru, Fjärde Världen, Ayo, Ken. Yeah, the list goes on, but of some strange reason i had the Prodigy – Firestarter single at home and listened to that repeatedly for like 3 weeks in a row. When i discovered Napster which actually was free at that time and start downloading music i looked up more Prodigy songs and i remember taking my tape recorder to the speakers, play the song on winamp and just let it record so i could put it in my freestyle and feel awesome. The sound quality was terrible but i didnt really gave a fuck. It was prodigy, and it was loud.

Here is some reminiscing songs from the era when i had spikes and was the wierdest kid at Hagen skolan, haha. Gotta find some photos from that time… The videos are so gore and wierd, love it.

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My list today, will soon be done.

1. Pay the bills and the Inkasso i got yesterday… (check)
2. Pick up my package from Caliroots (check)
3. Read up my RSS reader a little (check)
4. Eat breakfust (check)
5. Talk to my landlord about the missing laundry key
6. Clean up my apartment
7. Pack up stuff for my Stockholm trip
8. Buy a gymcard (check)

Well, its going along. Like the stuff i got form cali though, even though im not really a dude with headphones they look ok and for 200 kr they are really good. I get mad headache if i have them more then 30 minutes on though, guess ill have to stretch em out a little. Jag är klassisk “kittad”.

Photo 556 copy.jpg

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So i finally got my salary into my account. A little less then what i hoped for but still its nice with some money. Picking up a package now with a order from Caliroots i ordered like a week ago so im pretty stoked about that. Pair of new Jordans, a HUF tee, new wheels and a pair of headphones. Im feeling quite good this morning, except for my fucking cold… Cant breath and cough like fuck. Drinking some cough medicine with morphine in it and hope everything gets better. At least i get dizzy, haha. Thought i share some cool stuff from my inspo folder again. Think ill go with some GIFs today, thanks to viagra and alcohol for a few of em. Enjoy.



Picture 4.gif

Thats me actually… pretty gnarly slam at petrero del sol skatepark, SF.



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So i went down to leave the trash and brought my camera. Took a few flicks from the little idyllic family court outside here. Also found a big wooden frame in the trash room, pretty stoked. I need more art on my walls!

More can be found on my viagra coupons.

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