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In some ways Gothenburg is an awesome city with tons of people that i love and want to hang with all the time. And on the other hand it is a small little place where no “good” music is played and the only people that you see most of is dudes with colorful pants, short hair mostly likely slicked back or to the side. I miss some really good clubs. And with good i mean places that either plays like dubstep or hip hop, we barely have a hip hop club here which sucks. I mean all the hip hop cats that played nice tunes a year ago has become such indie dudes standing there with their hip glasses and pointy shoes playing music they never even heard about like 4 months ago and feeling like they rule the world. I want to have a night with people that drink alcohol, snort some coke, crunchin on some pills, stay sober or whatever makes them happy and just dance, just really dance to nice music for like a whole night. And it would be even better if the place is super small, a bit dirty, smell of sweat and tequila, the bass is crawling up your body so you can feel everything in your chest just boxing around, swinging your arms like a fight on kindergarden and just have fun. I dedicate this to my party friend from San Francisco, Trevin. Hope you keepin it down over sea. Here is some music he always links me that ive listen to when im down. FIIIIIIIILTH!!!! I know i look fat as fuck on this picture but my face was melting and i couldnt really focus.


And some music with that.

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