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September, 2009 Monthly archive

Its really nice, ive been working alot lately. Helps me thinking on other things and i really like my job. Now though ive actually making some design related stuff as a freelancer for Villabroad. Doing some commercials and some print stuff, really fin actually. To bad i only start working past 12.30 am. I dont know why but i have a hard time just getting to it. I will try photo some stuff tomorrow, pretty stoked. Time to go to sleep, Goodnight, lets end the day with some good music. Im sure ive posted this before, but this video is awesome and the beat is like perfect.

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If he aint know, who knows? Gotta give them dymes some special treatment.

viagra 100mg

Im tired, real tired right now. Been skating today again. Yesterday was the premiere of the new flip movie with Tom Penny and that dude Lance Mountain. like 300 people showed up and i must say, the new stuff in Area is sick! Curbs for miles and manualpads which are great. Heres a quick screen from the intro of the reel. Hope being done next week if i dont work to much.

Picture 1.png

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Here it is, the belonged move in party movie.

viagra price

Long day at work fixing stuff and feeling important, pretty nice. Im bout to fall asleep, after some glasses of wine. Thanks you.



what does viagra do

Starting the day with some “point-a-to-point-b”. Pretty stoked.

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Im actually working this whole week down at Andra Lång which is the first store Shelta had. Im down in the so called basement sending weborders away, taking pictures of new clothes, reading emails, twittering, bloging and such things. It was my first day today down there so i learned some new stuff and got a task for the week, to do the inventory of all the products we have down there, which is alot… I got done with like Obey and some LRG stuff today but got like 3/4 left.

Fuck, i always go to bed so got damn late… I know i can sleep 6 hours/night and make it so i always do. So now im sitting here, tired as fuck trying to sleep. I think ima give it a try, heres some more images from my inspo folder. And please lend me a comment once in a while, its more fun then. I know i got some readers now…






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In some ways Gothenburg is an awesome city with tons of people that i love and want to hang with all the time. And on the other hand it is a small little place where no “good” music is played and the only people that you see most of is dudes with colorful pants, short hair mostly likely slicked back or to the side. I miss some really good clubs. And with good i mean places that either plays like dubstep or hip hop, we barely have a hip hop club here which sucks. I mean all the hip hop cats that played nice tunes a year ago has become such indie dudes standing there with their hip glasses and pointy shoes playing music they never even heard about like 4 months ago and feeling like they rule the world. I want to have a night with people that drink alcohol, snort some coke, crunchin on some pills, stay sober or whatever makes them happy and just dance, just really dance to nice music for like a whole night. And it would be even better if the place is super small, a bit dirty, smell of sweat and tequila, the bass is crawling up your body so you can feel everything in your chest just boxing around, swinging your arms like a fight on kindergarden and just have fun. I dedicate this to my party friend from San Francisco, Trevin. Hope you keepin it down over sea. Here is some music he always links me that ive listen to when im down. FIIIIIIIILTH!!!! I know i look fat as fuck on this picture but my face was melting and i couldnt really focus.


And some music with that.

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Its time for a new episode.

So ive been out now and feeling a bit drunk, big up for popeye playing some dubstep tonight, i really needed it. Big bauws, time to sleep.

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So as you know my computer is back and i can finally start doing stuff again. Have alot of nights that i havnt edited up yet so i started with the one I had out with Anton, Sebastian, and Nico. We drank Kir, JD and went berzerk. Cant say much more then just watch the movie here!

Also started editing the images from my dads wedding he had last weekend. Went through like 10 GBs in 6 hours and further down is the result. Looking forward for the weekend even though i work saturday and sunday but i feel its gonna be a good one. I fucked up my foot the other day when i skated so i cant skate now for a couple of days, just hope it gets better til next wednesday when Tom Penny amongst others coming to our local park for the Extremely Sorry premiere, im pumped on that. Time for some sleep so i can get up early and continue my work tomorrow. Laterz!

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