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August, 2009 Monthly archive

So i just moved in , awesome. Time for Junkfest tomorrow, more then. Lazers…

Photo 520.jpg

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So im moving into my apartment today. Givin’ you guys an update how it looks now, cleaning up the place like crazy. Duuuuurty!

Photo 518.jpg

Photo 517.jpg

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Damn, way to long day this one. Up early for some packing, was out at colors yesterday and i can say that i got home late, hate walking home from Vagnhallen Majorna. Anyway got up at like 9 started to move some shit, the apartment gotta be empty tomorrow morning at 10 and i had alot left to do. Cleaned the mess up and realized that i have a shitload of clothes… Almost too much, i want a walking closet btw.

Anyway got to work at like 12 and took the whole day just checking all the stocks lookin’ how many sizes there was left in certain shoes. That took whole day sitting filling in papers, Jessica gave me a tap on my shoulder though so it felt better, ha! Then after work got home and continued packing up everything, got away at like 9 and landed at my moms place at like 10. Tired as fuck i managed to eat some chicken and watch a episode of weeds. Now im tired as fuck and is supposed to sleep just so i can get up tomorrow morning and move all my stuff to my new apartment!!! Im stoked. By the way heres some images from the night out with the sheltacrew. Good night.








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It is really late so ill just post my stuff. I present to you the two latest editions of LDBG | TV. One from the latest Colors and one from the party with the company which later led to the party out in Hisingen where i was a VJ. Hope you enjoy, even though i cant put them both in HD just because i dont have Vimeo+ yet… Maybe something to invest in next month.

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Was such a long time ago i shot some photos. Brought my camera out last week just to photograph some. I enjoy going out with my camera, to bad i just feel sick all the time so i never go out except for skateboarding and drinking beer.

Anyway i like capturing peoples faces when they dont see you. Therefore i enjoy having my 70-200mm lens on but at night its just isnt that good. THe aperture is only 2.8, which is pretty dope for such a zoom anyway but when the dark comes crawling i enjoy much more my 35mm f2.0 or the 50mm f1.8. All of these shots are taken with the 50mm i think. Well, i need to pack now, moving out of this apartment to my own 60sqm two roomer on Friday. You should come visit me, i might take a photo of you when you dont notice, or maybe invite you for some Goldeneye 64 which i found the other day.

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New LDBG TV is being filmed right now, im off to Colors for some party. While im out partying, you might enjoy this.

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So lots of shit has happened since last. I dont know but when you start twittering bloging just seems so slow and long… By the way if you gotz twitter and aint following me, check out womens viagra.

Alright so the big thing this weekend was both the big ass festival Way out west, and like a city party for Gothenburg that had lots of shit going on. Anyway i really wanted to see Nas and Dead Prez at the WoW festival but i seriously had like no money at all. So what to do when you poor? Well, you make a run for it right? Anyway i met up with my homie Joelz and he was game on trying to get in. Shit was hard though because they had like two fences and tons of guards. I cant really tell the whole story but i managed to cut up the fences where it was only one and then crawl under like a wagon, lay there for like 10 minutes watching out so there were no guards. Then crawl out fast, and run fast as fuck, but not fast enough to let the guards think i was running from something. Well i watched them and it was the best.

Other then that i got sick again. Even if im eatin all this vitamin pills and trying to live good i get colds, every fucking month my nose gets thick and i cant skate for like 1 week… Now its colors again tonight and i think i actually gonna go there, fuck the cold, i wanna party… Well im off to eat some thai food with a dude from my old class of Hyper Island. Watch the WoW video, its fucking goosebump-awesome.

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Yo, fresh from the oven, new episode from the latest Colors at Nef, really nice party. My homie Joelz did his job, get that hustle on. Now im going to work and is getting of at 6.30, then im prolly heading over to Petter to see him hopefully play all the tracks from “Mitt sjätte sinne” and “Bananrepubliken”, haha. Laze~

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So i went out today again. But today i seriously felt bad, my stomach was killing me and i wasnt that “pepp” at all. Drank my bottle of Törley for some warmth in the body for some dubstep at Rio Rio. Though that club was like empty so we went to get some cheap beer at Viktorias instead, when we sat there that Törley really hit me. I started to feel the warm bubbles inn my body turning into a haze in front of the eyes and some weird shit in the streets that makes my feet wobble when i walk. Anyway im drunk and about to fall asleep. Party hard, live hard. Or something? G’night.

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Shiiiiiet, get a break and some gears. Its all about performance.

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