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July, 2009 Monthly archive

The night yesterday was so much fun. Easiest the best colors club ive been to. The color was purple and i was all dressed up as usual. Started the night with some prepartying with the bassline crew. Well, watch this movie instead and youll understand how good it was. THey only played like good hip hop tunes, i was pumped on M.O.P. The battery died though so it ends a bit abrupt. Watching Transworlds new skatefilm Right Foot Forward now, its pretty crazy, check it out. Still got headache and feel weird, work tomorrow, hope its gonna help.

viagra for women

I keep on dreamin’ my weird dreams and waking up with killer headaches… Tonight it was similar to this youtube clip. By the way i love Christian Bale, he play this part better then no other. Reading the book now as well and its really good. Time to clean up my room, take a few pills for my head and then maybe skate.

Cant embed so click and enjoy.
viagra 100mg

cialis vs viagra

I still feel sketched out. Managed do cross some stuff of my to do list today though which feels nice. Gonna work on friday and saturday as well so thats fun. I actually liked selling shoes to people, believe it or not. I mean that is nothing i want to do forever but its nice with some money and be able to buy shoes so my collection get bigger. My headache is still killing me which sucks. Tomorrow maybe some skate and help mom move some boxes. Also got started with the reel today, like started animating the intro and stuff so thats dope. I need money, i hate being poor.

Here is the video from yesterday night out with some homies. Enjoy.

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Fuck, been having this headache for 2 days a row now. I feel sketchy as fuck, going out with some homies tonight, hope stuff will get better. New haircut today as well, sexy… And Anna lended me the American Psycho book which i love. I love how narcissistic he is and how everything is so fucking detailed. Time to get some rum in me and start feeling that little slow rush to the brain that certain liquids does with you.

Photo 502.jpg

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I feel like fuck. I feel angry and sad at the same time. I want to go out running 200 km/h with knives in my hands waving my hand fast around like a kindergarden kid trying to beat someone while i still jut want to crawl down in my bed and just lay there for the rest of my life doing nothing. Its really weird now when i finally has stuff going on for me, jobs and stuff.

Ah, i felt just like this like two years ago right before i got a nice little breakdown in Karlskrona. Timing sucks too just because this week is when i need to help mom move and cleaning up, throwing stuff and stressin’. Gah, i hate feeling like this, have no idea why… Other then that i liked working in the store selling shoes to people. Taking care of customers and smelling that “new shoe” smell all day long. Today i just chilled with Cathrine, eating pizza and watching movies. Then some dinner at my dads for a nice finish with watching Sopranos with Anna which btw was way to long ago. Now im trying to find music for my reel, i have two different idea now. Please comment on which one you like the best. I know the intro is kinda long but i will cut it down to like 10 seconds. Goodnight.


side effects of viagra

The night was epic, real nice set from both Losca and Gugzz. Heres a movie from the night, enjoy it.

best place to buy generic viagra online

Who you suckas think you trippin’ with, yes im the boss.

Im pumped on Shambler tonight, both Leroy and Losca is playing. Open til’ 5am. Hustlin’

women viagra

Woke up at Gustavs place today with a killer hangover. Colors yesterday was dope, good music and chillin’ with friends can never go wrong. They even played some J.Dilla right before they closed so i was pumped. THe weird thing though was that i got drunk like 3.10am, which means right after they closed. All my beers and shit gathered up and hit me like a hammer. So i felt bad walking home to gustavs place, getting a falafel att 11:ans first and then fell asleep to Seinfeld. Today just chilled, my sister made me pancakes and Cathrine bought ne alot of candy, heeeell yeah. Time to get fat or something. Time to sleep now, first day at work tomorrow. Come by the store if youre in Gothenburg. Shelta sneakers at Södra Larmgatan. Peace…

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What a day, woke up at 10 finished the stuff for shelta. Sent it off at like 12. Then started watching The Watchmen and fell asleep… Woke up at around 4, finished the movie and then the time was around 7. Cooked some food and now im sitting here, eating and getting stoked because my man Gugzilla! is back in town from London. Going to Nef later tonight for the club Colors, pretty stoked on that. Now i gotta take a shower so i can drink some beer with Tatty first.

Photo 494.jpg

i know the image is outside of the frame but right now i just dont give a fuck… Laze!

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Just passed over some of my ideas to the CEO of Shelta. Doing some stuff that is going up on the web tomorrow. He liked it so im going up early tomorrow and finish em up so they will be done for lunch. Time for weeds, the show not the sticky… G’night!

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