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January, 2009 Monthly archive

This blog should die. Or just get transfered to a new adress.

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viagra for women

Made a wordpress instead, enjoy!

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I think i got the flu, feeling really bad with a killer headache, a soaring throat and a drippy nose. Got damn i dont wanna get a cold now when viagra pill comes, we are gonna rage the city of San Francisco… Anna left for San Diego the other day and is now in L.A. Shes coming home to her birthday on thursday i think though so well get some nice food or something. With so many people visiting all day everyday i just feel lonely now when its all empty. Can be nice too though but i guess i like company. No need to get emotional. Now i have a killer headache so im off to a good night sleep. By the way we launched a new site the other day, im super stoked.

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Here is some old pictures and a nice selfportrait from me this friday, club was hella fun.

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Much stuff happens, now i am tired and want to sleep alot. Maybe more tomorrow, goodnight.

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Tomorrow at 8.45 am im gonna hit down to Civic Center and see when the new black president entering the white house. Feels nice to actually see something this historical i guess. Work is slow life is alot. Dont know if i want to leave here, starting to miss Gothenburg, or sweden overall. Hooked up with my man John yesterday to shoot some stuff up at 24th Mission. Looks pretty tight.

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I so badly want this tee! Only got it in fukkin small! Which sucks, give me!

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Å alla som vandar som nordman i skor på den långa E4:an till stockholm. Vem kysser elin kan man ju också undra, men mest undrar jag om det verkligen var en dvärg eller bara en jävligt kort man jag såg på vägen hem genom TL. Jag peppade Håkan, haha. Jävligt lamt för övrigt mn nu jävlar flyter det rövoin i mina vener och mitt blåa blod känns som det rinner sakta men ännu mer sakta ur mig. Doktorant Bjurlin fyller på med droppet, jag känner mig healad och vacker. Solen skiner in genom mitt fönster och den positiva energin bara väller över mig som ett sjunde mirakel och chansen är inte ens i närheten av misslycka. Lyckan är som den skall vara, böljande och vacker. Sakta ser jag vågorna i horisonten slå bort mot en framtid. En framtid jag gärna ser fram emot, men som samtidigt skrämmer mig som ett mördat litet lamm. Lammet, precis som i lilla huset på prärien känns som en skyskrapa som redan nu känns läskig. Läskig på det sättet at den faktist skrämmer mig. Hampus säver over and out på svenska. Puss

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Just came home from the ballgame. And holy fuckin’ moly it was exciting. It was Frisco Warriors against Sacramento Kings and the game went three quarters over. Total time of the game ended up in almost 3 and a half hour and my voice is gone from all the screaming. Now time to sleep, early important meeting tomorrow, plus my dad n my sis is comming, yayy!


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When people are over in the bay, everyday is party! Today we went shopping for some food and bought alot of cheap mexican “cerveza”. Or beer as we say in USA. Anna (tipzade) me about sopranos so we watched the first episode about 10 minutes ago and drank beer from red mugs and felt so amricanized so we sang amazing grace without even thinking about it. It was a pleaseure for my neighbours and the rest of the country. I think this country loves us. As do we love this country. God bless America and the Barack Obama!

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So, i have some friends over in the bay. They were not so stoked the first night as you can see… Well, we got some alcoholic beverages in our bodys and got more pumped. The night ended with a big cag and a long walk home with a bottle of rum and new keys. The day after we went to dolores with a bit hungover, fun stuff. Well, time to drink up this bottle of wine so i can sleep and go to work tomorrow. Even more fun stuff. Lazers…

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