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December, 2008 Monthly archive

Hohoho, i had a nice one with Stephanie that came up from L.A. Spent it with thaifood, beer n shows. We’re out to the golden gate park. More pics laters.

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viagra side effects

how does viagra work

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Long time no see i guess. Been really busy with other stuff. C came and went. Had a really great time and saw places in San Francisco i never though i would do. I guess ill do one of theese lists again…

  • Got a tatoo
  • Visited Alcatraz
  • Ate on the most expensive restaurant ive been to
  • Had a American Thanksgiving
  • Ate Turkey
  • Was put asleep by the turkey
  • Bought some more sneakers
  • Bought some more caps
  • One of the caps is only 99 more people that have
  • Walked around in a sunny Golden Gate park
  • Felt like i was walking around in Jurassic Park
  • Went to Santa Cruz, sick place by the way
  • Listened way to much on Afasi & Filthy
  • Walked around in the mission
  • Bought hipsterglasses and a moustache
  • Watched while Cathrine bough furcaps that felt wierd
  • Bought a pair of Blazers High Elite that i wanted for a while
  • Almost got evicted
  • Been drinking coffee (i know it sucks)
  • Drinking coffee just because the coke here tastes wierd
  • Went to a bunch of museums
  • Saw Digital Mystikz and danced my guts out

I probably forgot alot of stuff but i guess thats it, yeah i slammed pretty hardcore with skateboard too.

Tomorrow my friend Stephanie is comming and we are gonna celerbrate x-mas together. I actually really didnt give a fuck about x-mas this year. And this has easily been the best december ive had in a long time. No stress for presents, no panic that you only have 10$ on your account so you cant buy em got damn presents. No running around and no panic. I may be a hater and a Grinch but i just think Christmas doesnt say anything to me anymore. I really dont feel any really mood. Dont matter how many times i hear “Im dreaming of a white…” or see santas walking around and ho-ho:ing. The only thing that makes me feel for christmas is i guess all the homeless people walking around begging for money and greeting happy holidays. I dont wanna glorify myself now because i barely ever give away anything to them but today when i was going to bed it really poured rain outside and i looked outside the window.

Down there was a homeless dude trying to get shelter under a supersmall roof digging in a trashbin probably looking for crack or old food, who knows? This 24th of December i will probably have a really green and mellow christmas with my friend S and just chill. Order some good food, drink some good drinks, go out and just take it really really easy. And remember, im not hating on people celerbrating x-mas. Im just so fucking tired of it myself and to have a oppurtunity to skip it and just have a really mellow December month is just so nice. If i was home in gothemburg i have family i should have been with and i would have to be a part of the mood in some way, now i basically have nothing so i dont need to be nice or give some fake smile to anyone, haha. Ah, i always get like this around this time of the year. Time to stop typing now and time to start to sleep. By the way we won a FWA for the tracy site, hella hella stoked.

Oh yeah, if you guys would like to see my photos, just look at my flickr that is linked female viagra pill!

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