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November, 2008 Monthly archive

This weekend has probably been one of the best weekends since i got here.My friend viagra for women have some rad contacts and knew some wild places. Saturday was first some club called Grime City and was pretty small place with pretty much people, bassicly just a bar with a small dancefloor, supersmall. Then we headed to this other club which was way bigger and had two floors, first floor was like minimalistic techno and some wierd reggeaton and second floor was dubstep. And not regular dubstep, i learned a new expression. This dubstep was facemelting, and it felted like it was. whoop whoop, link to some melters further down.

Then yesterday was some club called Surya Dub. Which was also two floor, the dubstep and jungle was in the basement though. Tight place, crowded, hot, sweaty and bass. I loved that place. Im way late not so im gonna get some sleep now, short week. Thanksgiving is up so im off work on Thursday and Friday so i can show C around the city, yayy!

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I dont know but im feeling a bit down. Havnt been skateboarding in a while and i want to do alot of shit but cant really. I need my leg to get good again so i can skate, run and bike. I also wanna do a cool 3D piece but when i start i just feel like shit. Fuck. Going on dubstep tomorrow though, we’ll see how much i can jump though. Who knows, maybe maybe.

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We won Adobes site of the day prize. If you don know it its not the biggest award but its still huge for me. Im am so stoked. Also i am trying to setup a wordpress instead of using this site, much better and a new domain. Maybe in the end of the week.
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It was 25 degrees outside today, so i took my limby leg and tryed to walk down to union square. Sat there for a while with a bagel and a coffe in the sun then i headed over to the mission and walked from 16th to 24th and found tons of stores that sold alot of nice stuff. Bought a jacket for 5 bucks i can sell for 150bucks on ebay, and a old camera that i though was beautiful. Love walking around in part of the city you never seen before, pretty rad. Now i am tired and my leg hurts so ill try get up in the bed and sleep some. Goodnight.

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So i went to this doctor that said he had a time this wednesday. Also got some crutches, so now im running around looking like a fucking retard. Better that though then not walk at all. It really hurts alot when im leaning on the right leg so i guess no skateboarding in some weeks, which sucks just because JJ was suppose to film some lines at the library i was going to do. And this weekend is going to be like the best weekend in a long time and i cant go out enjoy a little walk in the mission or something.

And by the way, im going to Japan in April 2009 for about a month with my friend Tatiana. Im hella stoked and this can easily be one of the best trips ever. One month with crazy japaneese people, good food, expensive apartements and alot of saké.

Also had a nice sushifriday with alot of people after work, was real good food and i got some nice shots. Also gonna start working on my own wordpress blog this weekend. Prety stoked. Alot of pictures today, enjoy.

And to Pontus.
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landed on my back when i was skating, cant really walk now. sucks. cant get into bed, im up for the floor tonight on some clothes and on my stomach. hurts like fuck…

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Ok, launch for Tracy Chapmans website yesterday. active ingredient in viagra

My part was doing the flash animations and a big part of all the shapes. Im stoked about this project and it was my first time in flash too. One thing im even more stoked about is that im probably going to Japan for like 5 weeks in April, thats hella fun. Tomorrow JJ is bringing hes videocamera and i am going to rip the shit out of the library.

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There was just a carcrash right outside, a cab and some other dude in a nicely looking benz. Developed some analog stuff the other week, pretty fun stuff. I want a Lomo LC-A though, guess ill have to wait til next week.

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Was out skating this friday and took my bike to the golden gate park yesterday. Got lost and ended up on a freeway, pretty gnarly. Here is some pictures, by the way i love my new 35mm lens.

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A dude almost steal my iPhone today, pretty gnarly. He was just sticking hes hand in my pocket when i was standing up on the train from work. I just tryed to hold on to my phone as much as possible and after probably like 7-10 secinds he let it go and ran out. Fucking crooks…

Also started with a fun project today on work, a little aplhabet book that we put like 15 minutes on each illutration. I did my B today, can be a fun little OrdinaryKids project. Time to sleep, jason is off to L.A. and Sanaz is sick so i guess its just me and adam on the office tomorrow, fun fun. Also fixing a typeface, San Fransans.

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