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October, 2008 Monthly archive

Going there tomorrow, im stoked and cant sleep. Been packing my backpack and even made a little checklist, guess mom is proud now! Also got half of my camerastuff today. The two lenses and the batterygrip came today, the camera comming tomorrow so i cant pick it up before im going because im leaving directly from work. Pretty tired now so ill try sleep again. Did a great work today at the office i think, worked on the wrong program though but i hadnt really time to learn the other one because deadline is on tuesday next week. So ill just grind grind. Here is some selfportrait, a pic from my window and my frenetic packrituals. Nighty.

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So, ive been sick the latest days. The whole day today ive been in bed watching all kinds of movies. Latest one i saw was a documentary about polish ambulancedrivers that let the poeple die just so they can sell the bodies to the people that take care of dead people so they can get money. Real sick stuff. Well, got alot to do tomorrow and im getting stoked on my trip to L.A. on friday to say hi to nico and stephanie, fresh shiat!

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New desk, new camera, new lenses, new weather, new friends, new tasks. Damn, alot going on in the city of San Francisco. This weekend has probably been the most chilled weekend since i got here. Although i started on some new typography for a homie back i G-town that wanted some fresh shiat. Now its only some days til i fly to Los Angeles, im feeling so stoked i dont know where to go. Also buying a new camera and a lens so i can fresh up my gear a little. Been saving a long time but the dollar is fucked so i even have to borrow some from mom, thanks there. Other then that ive been doing the regular. Waking up, eating milk’n'cerials, go through some of my RSS, text people if theyre down for some skating, grab my board, bomb down to embarcadero, meet up, chillskate for two hours, go to the library, session the gap and the curb for 2 hours, get home, shower, make pasta or noodles, doing stuff, watching shows, sleep. Basic basic… Tomorrow im starting on some new short stuff at work, im stoked. Lazers.

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So i came home from work and felt supertired so i took a 40 minutes powernap. Woke up and got a call from my friend JJ. He was stoked on a club down on 3rd and wanted me to join him and his girlfriend. I though, what the hell and jumped in the cab with them around 10. First we drank som beers up at our place and took it a lil’ easy. JJ told me it was a kind of a indie club and i know that wasnt my steez but i had nothin do to anyway. So i got my little indieclothes on, black outfit, of course… And the first song you hear when you come in is that airplane with MIA or MYA or whatever, i think its kinda lame though yet i hade some “pepp” still in my body so we slided in on the dancefloor. JJ and hes girl started dancing and i guess i was to. Let me tell you how kids like this dance.

First you need to have pretty long hair, the best is if your bangs are over your eyes, then you look a little misty and deep. And if you have some kind of hat over that it’s top notch. Anyway you start by taking you left foot and tap it a little easy to the beat in the floor. After that just take up your opposite hand to the foot, in this case the left hand and start playing airdrums a little easy, the harder the beat, the harder the “hit”. You now have the “moves” done. Just shut your eyes a little random sometimes and look like you dont give a fuck, there you have it. The perfect guide to rule a hipster danceflooe. Its late and im about to sleep. Laters~

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Skated through the mission from the skatepark and found this awesome mask. They had like 20 different of them, crazy stuff. I am stoked.

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So i tryed to draw some 3D in illustrator from my earlier 3D stuff. Went around with my Lomo a little today aswell, fun stuff. And some propaganda for you guys aswell
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In there and vote me a 5star, please!

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I love San Francisco.
Skateboarding, job, life, city, trains, water, bay, beaches, weather and bombing hills. Shieeeet, let me stay here.

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Had a pretty nice weekend, took it easy, some skate, some beer and some shopping. More pics from the redbull race right here.

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Cant say that much ritght now, too drunk and to tired. Had a gretat night sitting home in thesofa with Tore and Widman drinking beer talking about hyperisland. Heres some footage of me raving on a speaker, pretty rad. Got some new shoeas aswell…

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Continued with the stop motion today, mostly after effects work and setting the scenes together. Developingpart is getting closer. Maybe on monday? Developed some film aswell, some pictures was totally wierd exspousure and i loved it. Lomo is teh shit.

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