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September, 2008 Monthly archive

Ok, one of theese lists again.

  • Had a rad saturday
  • Bought five new shoes and got a new kingsize bed (160 cm wide)
  • Got into some more 3D and learned some about lighting
  • Went to a photoshow and hooked up with some of my homies
  • Walked around town for two hours
  • Got to a houseparty
  • Got beer and hip hop at the party
  • Almost got in a fight with a douche that wanted to start one with us
  • Tryed to get to another party
  • Got stuck in a corner with all the homies
  • One of them stole a bottle off Hennesey from the party
  • Drank Hennesey on a bench in the middle of nowhere
  • Had a tight freestylesession with Julian
  • Started to think how the fuck i was gonna get home
  • Started to walk
  • Realised it was way too far
  • Took a cab home
  • Woke up with a bad headache
  • Went out skateboarding
  • The whole day
  • Started to skate stairs again
  • Got home
  • Slept
  • Went to work
  • Worked
  • Skated
  • Watched TV shows
  • Time to sleep again
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Oh yea, it was a shoe sale and i stood in line for 40 minutes, totally worth it. Way to cheap, way to cheap. Had a nice night, drank some henny, kicked it and freestyled some. Nice evening, collegeparty n shit, this douche tryed to start a fight, fucking idiot. Dont mess wit the swedes, well bust you up! haha. Sleeping time, shoes is love, so is San Francisco.

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Its late, goodnight.
Here is two gifs ive made today…

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Yeah, as you understand i might not be the most luckiest man alive right now. This past one and a half month ive been robbed, pulledover and hit by a motorcykle. And today i lost my wallet. That sucks, i was really lucky though and left my american creditcard to emelie this noon so she could take out some money, so the only thing i lost which was important was kinda my ID and my swedish bankcard. No money though, some grocerystore cards and some old stuff.

Done with the badstuff though, i got myself an iPhone today. I know its kinda 1 year late but i love it, i love all the cool apps and wierd widgets to it. Jason helped me out with a nice plan so i didnt have to put like 500$ deposit just because i didnt had a social security number. After work i head down to some really old building, the oldest in San Francisco what ive heard and tryed to take some photos. There was guards all over the area and i sneaked myself through some of them. Shot some pictures and sneaked back again, it was probably here i lost my wallet though. Damnit… Got some really nice photos though. Also listened to swedish reggea almost the whole day, good stuff, good stuff.

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West coast bitch.

Been listening to Dr.Dres Chronic 2001 and Chronic all day. Love it.
After work i biked home on a new recordtime 15.23 and was all sweaty, so i took my longboard down to the grocerystore and shopped for some food, were down there maybe an hour just walking around looking on all the wierd american dishes. How about peanutbutter and jam in the same can, mixed. Tons of wierd stuff, maybe ill buy an iPhone tomorrow so i can take some snaphots next time ill go shopping. Well, skated home with all the food and cooked some dinner, some meat actually, real nice. Then i went down with my laundry and watched an episode of the new Heroes season, think its gonna be bad though… The days goes by way too fast, it sucks kinda. Night.

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I am seriously so stoked about working where i am. I just love that we can actually do fun art stuff and just collaborate with superwierd ideas and concepts. Started some with a new software today aswell, its bassicly how to make fake water, pretty rad. Will try post something tomorrow if i get more time to work with it. Also had 19000 visitors since i started this blog. That feels kinda big to me, i know it isnt, but whatever, haha. Nighty.

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Had a pretty rad weekend. Started of saturday with waking up early so i could help Adam move in his stuff in he’s new apartment. He got such a nice place in lower heights. Big place with three rooms. Well, moved in all his stuff for like one hour then he had to get back so i took the bus home. Went down with my skateboard to Embarcadero and met up with some dudes i use to skate with. Was there for some hours and then i went home picked up my camera and went on a little session with a couple of them. Then got home again, and went back to Adams place to grab some to eat. We were like three people that helped him out so we went to this sushiplace and he bought us some nice sushi and saké. After that we went to a party, a american houseparty. It was everything i expected. The nerdy dudes working at google sitting in the sofa talking about rubric cubes, the horny girl that hits on everyone and looks like a total hoe, the cool gang that was hanging in the back smoking weed, the rappers that were standing in a little circle drinking hennesey and freestylin’, the “hot” girls that drinks wine and talk about the new sex and the city episode, and me. A lost swede that just enjoyed drinking bud from blue and red plastic cups and listening to some weird music.

Today my head was in a bad mood. And now its time to sleep.

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What can i say about today. Listened to some more radio, Jasons wife Dina made some supergood lunch for us and we had a nice little get together upstairs. Time for me to sleep now so i can get up and help Adam to move into hes noew apartement tomorrow. Laters~

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So today me and Adam, the new AD. Hooked up after work and went to a snowboardpremiere. The boarding was kinda rad and there was some famous guy there giving away free stuff. We had a good time, met some of hes old friends aswell. This guy that is like extreme sports director at The North Face. Its just sick how many people you meet here. People you only seen on blogs and be like “damn” when you see what they do. By the way, swedish radio is the shit. Today i have been listening about some big murder on a swedish political leader, latest P3 hip hop and some interview with a stand up comedian. So fun!

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I just found out that it is pretty cool podcasts out there. Today i have listened to three documentaries from the swedish radiochannel P3. Kinda dope to hear some swedish voices and listen and learn while working. Im all about multitasking. Right now i am chatting, watching a show, blogging and reading my RSS feed. Also got into swedish hip hop again. Been into that kinda since i was 11 years though but i listen to it really much again. Big up for Organism 12 who is the best lyricist in my opinion. Wish i could show you guys a little what im working with, but thats a secret til its released. Nighty night.

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