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August, 2008 Monthly archive

So, im supertired now, been shooting with a gun, drinking beer, a small minirampsession, knifefights (super friendly though) and some nice BBQ. Was at the trasher Bust or Bail aswell today, that shit was sick. More photos and stories will be up tomorrow!

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Superfast now ey just because i need to sleep, this is my day in short.

  • Overslept when i was supposed to go out running in the morning
  • Woke up 7.45 and ate some breakfast
  • Bombed the hill down to Powell with my longboard
  • Was on a train listened to some Hip Hop
  • Got to work
  • Ate lunch (CeasarSallad)
  • Felted that i really want to work with more people
  • One guy comming in 2 weeks, superstoked
  • Got home
  • Went to photo some
  • Went to a big ass mall and checked in some sweet stuff
  • Got home
  • Went to the gym
  • Got home
  • Went out running
  • Tryed a new intensetraining technic
  • Puked while trying it
  • Have the worst “träningsvärk” ever in my legs
  • Went to bed
  • Is about to sleep.

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Ah, i miss the ol’ Hyper days. Working on some comps for a pretty nice client now though. Its nice working some with After Effects again.

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So we went to the Golden Gate bridge, it took like 40 mins to go there, switchin buses n shit. But finally we got there and then it was cold as fuck and so foggy you couldnt see over to the other side… Whatevs, we walked over the bridge and took some nice photos. When we came over the sun started to shine through all this fog so then it was really beautiful. Then got back to town, went to the OK studio, picked up my camera and shopped some food. Bought a bottle of wine and some red stripe beer. Took some beers and just chilled tonight. I wanna go out party, hate not being 21… Fuck. Time to sleep now though.

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I miss gothenbug a little. Even if its superrad here all the time i miss my hometown! Haha, i know its corny and all that but whatever… Were supposed to get my camera at the studio this morning and go to a skatesession but i decided to take a little biketour over the goldengate bridge instead, so ive just ate my breakfast and now im heading out in the sunny California. Laters~

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Day started kinda rad, got a bank account at bank of america. Then i took the muni, which is the San Francisco tramsystem back to the office. Got in like 2 hours late but it was ok cuz i took a short lunch and worked ove some. Bought some muffins like a “shamegift” to the people at the office, it was appreciated and my two hours late was nothing anymore. Anyway Jason (my CEO) got this box this morning which contained 6 skateboards, 2 hoodies, like 3 t-shirts and 4 books. That spoiled man has it way to good, getting al that freestuff. I got a board and a pair of wheels though, supersweet.

So after that i worked together with this girl Maddy at the office, went pretty good, made some sweet stuff today, ill show you someday when its not like classified n shit. Will put up pics on the big package tomorrow though, because now i really gotta sleep. Heres some pics of my new clothes and some other random stuff i made.

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So im in my bed and got the worst “träningsvärk” ever. My legs are killing med, my torso aswell… It feels good though, feels good that i cant move and definitely i cant rise from the bed. Had a really nice day at work. Made some cool stuff and met some cool people. Got some new clothes that i ordered aswell, superstoked about all the cheap streetwear here. Supernice. Otherwise nothing else special happened on this sunny day in San Francisco, California.

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What can i say. Today i got robbed, by a dude with a gun. I know it sounds worse then it is. Well, this is how it was. After work i went to this skatespot called 3rd & Army which is like 10 minutes from where i work. Anyway, i went down there and on the way i stopped at a small shop and bought some food that i was gonna bring home later. I came to the spot, sessioned for like 1 hour and then i saw a dude that had my shoppingbag and was about to walk away.

I skated over there and was all like “Dude what the fuck, thats my bag. Give it back.” Then he just turned around, pulled up some if hes t-shirt and there was a black nine millimeter handgun. I just though that it wasnt worth it. So i just got away from there and continued my session. The thing is that this place is kinda ghetto. Now i know im not gonna be there after like 8′oklock on the night. Felt kinda wierd, like the first time ive really seen a gun in another hand then a police. Well well, thats life in San Francisco. Ill be good mum and dad, i promise. Time to sleep now, important meeting with client tomorrow.

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So from one artform to another, hip hop yesterday, artmuseum today.

Woke up at 11am and watched some family guy and sent some mail. Then the clock ended up being like 3.30. I went up for some breakfust and then got my “kulturkärring” outfit on and wen to see the Museum of modern art in San Francisco. Ive been reading some about Dalí lately and some of his pictures are there. Kinda cool with so much random artwork in one building. Some make sense and some of em feels just like random shit. Guess its all about what youre into though. I mean im all about abstract stuff, but when you take a lightbulb, paint in in black, attach it to a center of a canvas and calls it “lights out” and then sells it for like 10mill. Thats kinda wierd. Well, had fun atleast, walking around there all by myself. Really enjoy going around town myself. You get so much more time to think about stuff and see stuff you usually dont. Also bought a book about colors, how people react to different shapes and such, i love that kinda shit. Time to sleep now, a big week at work this one. So stoked.

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So today i were at Rock the Bells. This shit was off the hook. Met up with this dude that got us really good seats and the day was probably the sickest in my life. Got damn like everyone was spitting their shit like there was no tomorrow. Will write more about this tomorrow, when im going down to do my laundry. Right now, peace. And J-Dilla says hi!

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