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July, 2008 Monthly archive

Ok, i really starting to feel of the nerves now. Its not even a week left til im in S.F. and i had a little chat with my CEO yesterday. He will pick me and Emelie up at the SFO airport and get us to the Ordinary Kids studio where we will live the first night. After that i really dont know, but i have a tip on a pretty nice hostel we can live before we find some apartement.

Last time i saw my dad today (for some months) aswell, feels really wierd. This is sketchy leaving all these people i really gonna miss so fucking much. Ah well, as said. Starting to feel some nerves about the trip now. Nighty…

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Hell yeah, im hot. And not like sexy hot, im burnin’ friggin hot. The weather today was way to sunny for my white body, this resulted in a sexy red tan on my shoudlers and a little bit down my back. The last week in Sweden the weather finally looking like it should be. Friggin awesome!

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Oh yeah. Yesterday i went to the postoffice where i live and got an envelope with my new visa and my passport. Kinda stoked, its so close now. Only like one week left in gothenburg and it starts to get hard accepting i must say bye to so many homies. Well, 11 days now people. Sick sick…

By the way, do i have some similaritys to Adolf Hitler?

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Ok, i think im gonna start writing here again… No, but seriously i think i just had to little to do to write about something special this summer. I mean my day has like been.

- Wake up at 11am from my cellphonealarm.
- Get directly to my computer, doing the ordinary webround (RSS, Facebook, Behance and mail)
- Eat some breakfast at like 1pm, probably some yoghurt with some branflakes or sumthin’
- Get back to the computer for like an hour and then ask if anyone is up for some skateboarding.
- Get dressed, check if anything need to be fix on the skate and get down to the bus.
- at like 3pm arriving at “Esperantoplaza” with the rest of the Minihorse team.
- Have some warmups game of skate with Joel and feeling pretty tight when landing some 360 flips and nollie flips.
- Making nosegrinds and nosegrinds to fakie til you get sick of it and go to burgerking to grab a burger.
- Get back to “Esperanto” and skate for like 2 more hours
- Take the bus home at like 8pm
- Eat a banana, put on some Nas record, doing the ordinary webround (see nr 2)
- Take a shower
- Back to the comp checking some Cinema 4D or After Effects tutorial
- Make some dinner at like 10pm
- More Nas records or people under the stairs or maybe some Hieroglyphics
- Eat some more banana, grab a glass of water
- At like 3am im getting some yoghurt or just more water.
- Around 4am go to sleep

Yeah, thats kinda my summer, haha. Been skateboarding alot and really has been developing my flatskills. So fun… Well what can i say more. I was in Malmö this weekend chillin’ with some of my “old” Hyper Island friends, had a really really nice time. Kinda sad that im not gonna see some of em for like a year now.

Well well, today i actually was at the American Embassy in Stockholm. I finally got my visastuff done and looked at. So at latest friday my new American visa is arriving at the mail. Cant wait, seriously im so sickalicious stoked about going away from here to the wonderful town of San Fransisco. So in 13 days im sitting at a plane, chillin with a cola watching some nice movie. By the way, i drink way to much coca cola, really gotta quit that, that sucks…

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Way to much that has happend since last. Maybe tomorrow a summary of everything that has happend. Anyway i turned 20 today and i just booked the tickets to the USA!

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