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“This is a fresh new era and i got a brand new hat” – Jay Z

Well, the evil days are over. I quitted my job this friday and i have no longer nothing to do with that agency. I have started at a new one today and it feels really good, the first task and probably the only one is producing a motionpiece like a intro for a filmfestival. Pretty much the first serious motionwork ive ever done so im pretty stoked. The guy cialis vs viagra is doing the graphics and what can i say, hes a little genious. So i really think this can be so nice.

Actually the other agency that i was at first, the one that i have whined my ass of about tryed to “hire me out” just so they could make money. I said hell no, i dont want anything to do with that company so i told the CEO that i quitted and started at a new agency instead. Damn facsist pigs trying to make money all the time, dont care about humans at all! Haha, im being a little bit overdramatic here but fuck, its a blog. I can write whatever i want probably.

Had the best weekend in a long time in gothenburg. Was drinking wine in Slottskogen, drinking beer and dancing at Röda Sten and chilled with some friends in the city. I so want to get out of here now and just have a nice nice summer. But its soon over. Both happy and sad about that though.

YEAH! i sent all the visa stuff today aswell, so i hope i can get an answer as fast as possible. Maybe this week?

Nighty nighty people, its a day tomorrow aswell.

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