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June, 2008 Monthly archive

I muthafucking “borrowed” two chairs from waynes cofee and im really happy with it. The cops came and i lied them right up in em faces, BIG UP! Im drunk, sad and two chairs richer, feels kinda good really. Nighty.

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viagra side effects

Whea! Today is the Swedish National day and im really really slow today. Had a really nice night yesterday with alot of party! But today im just tired, sittin in the school playing some games and try to work some. No work was done though but i had a really great day overall. Also started to clean out my room. Pack stuff up in boxes and try ust to clean a little. Its sich how much clothes ive bought this year, really sick. Not its starting to get light outside again and i have a long day ahead of me. Goodnight people.

Some pics from the skatesession the other day.

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Sushi Bomb is the name on my new agency and what more can i say, i love it there. Started some more with my project today and i think it can be fresh as foe! Eric, my AD is doing hes job real well, maybe he has some big ambitions sometimes but i love him anyway, haha. We dont have so much time and considering this is my first real motionjob im doing some stuff ive never done before. But i really gotta develop the skills if im gonna work partime interactive designer and the other time motiondesigner at ordinarykids on my internship.

Ive decided to try go to bed earlier then i use to so i actually slept 7 hours yesterday and today im gonna try 8 maybe. Atleast 7 and a half. So time for sleep now, my cold needs to get better, still loosin’ my balance when i sneeze and gets like a seal in my ear and i like just fall… is kinda sketchy.

Sleepin time, peace.

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“This is a fresh new era and i got a brand new hat” – Jay Z

Well, the evil days are over. I quitted my job this friday and i have no longer nothing to do with that agency. I have started at a new one today and it feels really good, the first task and probably the only one is producing a motionpiece like a intro for a filmfestival. Pretty much the first serious motionwork ive ever done so im pretty stoked. The guy viagra alternative is doing the graphics and what can i say, hes a little genious. So i really think this can be so nice.

Actually the other agency that i was at first, the one that i have whined my ass of about tryed to “hire me out” just so they could make money. I said hell no, i dont want anything to do with that company so i told the CEO that i quitted and started at a new agency instead. Damn facsist pigs trying to make money all the time, dont care about humans at all! Haha, im being a little bit overdramatic here but fuck, its a blog. I can write whatever i want probably.

Had the best weekend in a long time in gothenburg. Was drinking wine in Slottskogen, drinking beer and dancing at Röda Sten and chilled with some friends in the city. I so want to get out of here now and just have a nice nice summer. But its soon over. Both happy and sad about that though.

YEAH! i sent all the visa stuff today aswell, so i hope i can get an answer as fast as possible. Maybe this week?

Nighty nighty people, its a day tomorrow aswell.

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