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May, 2008 Monthly archive

So, 4 hours and 30 minutes til im waking up again. So fun!
Going to Gothenburg tomorrow for like 4 days, gonna be so nice, now sleep. Nighty.

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So, woke up at 9am and sat myself at the computer. Felt really bad the night before so i mailed our CEO at our agency and said that i was probably gonna work from home instead. Well, atleast i got up at 9 and talked some with our CEO. I told him like it was, i was sick but had my tasks so i could might aswell do them at home. Then i got a no. My working hours wouldnt be registrated then. Dont ask me why, i just think its the stupidest fucking thing to do. I mean sure we should work as a “real” agency now but why the hell should i go there just to get more people sick and get more sick aswell.

Im so fucking tired of this module already and i will try to resign from my agency to work for one of the other agencys in another group. Its not just that that kills me, but i think the CEO has some personal issue with me and just being a coward not saying it to me directly. Insteas he just lays this mean comments about stuff i do and bassicly just dont give a fuck about what i do. He hasnt even once come by to look what im doing. Well, if you read this please tell me whats wrong with me instead of just fuck me up. I feel freezed out, buhu for me.

I know i whine alot, but i guess this blog is my place where i can whine til i drop. Im seriously so tired of this town, the school, the people (just some ofc), the enviroment. I just wanna get home to Gothenburg, have the best summer ever and then fly to San Fransisco!

Sleeping time

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Its way too late and i really should have fallen asleep hours ago. Its just that i cant, i just fucking cant. Hate it when it is like that. Stress, fucked up things and more fucked up things. Got damn it, i hate this. Will try to sleep again. Peace~

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Its late as fuck and i really need to sleep. Just want to tip about my new blog that me and viagra price started some days ago. Its on Swedish and basicly just means “Panic Poetry”. You are suppose to poet, rhyme, speak or atleast someting in the range of 10 minutes. Except you have to use 5 words that we are announcing new ones every day. Lend me a comment if you feel interested in joining.

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Yeah, i was in Finland this weekend, it was really fun. Dont think im ever gonna go with that ship again though but we had really fun.

Today i was out skateboarding again. Been doing that for the latest three days, like 2-4 hours every day. Can say i love it. Took some photos today aswell, enjoy people. Comment, thats fun aswell.

By the way, made the best food ever today! Bought so many fresh stuff and made a nice piece of thaifood!

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The VJ event was a joke, i felt fucking humiliated. They promised a big screen behind the band and a place where i could see my visuals. But hell no, i stood up for 1 hour and projected my stuff in a corner on a 70*100cm white painting. Took me an hour before i left, i think actually two or maybe three persons of maybe 200 saw my stuff and they probably didnt cared at all. I felt like a bad joke in a old sitcom. It was embarrissing for me.

By the way, i use VDMX when i VJ, its the sickest stuff on the street. Check it out! (Think it works on mac only though.)

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Right now im sitting on the balcony eating fresh pasta. Which by the way is like my fifth time this week eating it. So tired of it but only had that home. Im soon gonna go in, get changed and head away to the VJ stuff im gonna do. It sucks though that i dont really had so much time doing fresh stuff to the event so it will be alot of repetatons since The Mashup which was last week. Well well, been doing some photomontage today aswell, i think it looks pretty sweet. I’ts a quick layout proposal for the SVT vet game we gonna produce during this module. Time to go now. Peace~

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I dont know really, feels like everything is just spinning and im in the middle screaming. Sound so fucking emo but it sucks. Buhu for me… Thank god for tasty alcohol and music.

There comes a day in your life
When you want to kick back
Straw hat on the porch
When you old perhaps
Want to gather your thoughts
Have a cold one, Brag
To your grand kids on how life is golden
So I’ma light a cigar in the corridor of the crib
Pictures on the wall of all the things that I did
All the money and fame, 8 by 10’s
Of the whole rap pack inside of a big frame
Colliding with big names that could’ve made you career stop
All that, and your man is still here, and I’m still hot
Wow, I need a moment ya’ll, See I almost felt a tear drop

Nas – Can’t Forget About You ft. Chrisette

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I promised you a picture and here it is. A room filled with joy, where no light can be seen nor birds can be heard.

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It is confirmed, we are sitting in the most killing, booring concrete room in the school. And as i said yesterday the feeling when walking into it is like walking into a brick wall, haha. Its sick how serious people can be. I just wanna get the hell out of Karlskrona, have a super summer in Gothenburg and then start my new life in San Fransisco.

So, we pitched our crazy ideas to our client today, and he didnt liked it at all… Guess we are just to wild for SVT so we sat the rest of the day comming up with some new ideas. Also we found out that 500 hours is not gonna be enough for building this flash game. i know it sounds sick, but 500 hours is not so much when doing a though thru application. Anyway, time for me to sleep, pictures of the room of death comming up in the morning and im going to the doctor tomorrow aswell, hate having a cold for almost 1 and a half month… Peace

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