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April, 2008 Monthly archive

24 April

We just came into the Malmö Aviation Golden Lounge. This is the place were all the rich bosses traveling back and forth to Stockholm sits. And my mom, haha. You get free WiFi that doesnt work and free soda/coffee. Its a nice bonus if you fly with malmö aviation alot i guess. They actually sell different kind of expensive shirts and other fancy stuff. Haha, living the life of a Volvo boss or something.

My skateboard was shipped as “special lugage” or however you spell it. Its like we are some kind of minority that has to ship our stuff “special”. Haha, just kidding. No, but i think we gonna get going now, plane departs in like 90 mins and i gotta check if there is something fun you can buy here at Kastrup airport.

Ok, on the plane now. Think we got like 20 mins til we land. We had the luck to get some really happy people from skåne. Let me describe them… Think a male, maybe 45-57 years old. That kinda guy that likes to speak very high while he drinks tuborg import while he maybe watch a soccergame on TV. Im so prejudice now and i think these guys are really nice but i have a hard time with that personality.

That guy that took a quickcourse in “computer knowledge” and like to title himself as a “Computer engineer”. The guy that always wanted to play golf and drive around in some fancy Saab, living little on the countryside with a beautiful wife and maybe one or two kid tops. But instead of that he ended up with a wife he found in Thailand, a house in some shitty neighbourhood in the dirty south here in sweden, a Volvo with the description “well, atleast they are safe…” But he damn know he wanted that Saab 9-3. And dont forget the neighbour that lives exactly the same that he always on saturdays use to get over and get drunk on beer and vodka with. My mind are just flying away here but atleast you maybe guess what kind of gang that are infront of me. 6 screaming “skåningar”, a little fat and happy on life! Good for them.

25 April

Walk, walk, walk. Today we have walked… Alot. Started of the morning with some yogurt and strawberries. Maybe at like 10am, after that we looked out a little rout how we should do the day. See that church “Segrada de familia” and the wierd apartments “Pedreras”. Before we did that we bassicly was in every big store on the whole La Rambla. To bad i couldnt find a single thing. Bought a “Original Fake” t-shirt yesterday though but i cant really find any nice store. Today i think it was just because we went into all the expensiver brands like Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Armani and all the brands you usually see on some nice guy at stureplan with backslicked hair and a “waving” right arm in the air. Maybe not the style im after.

When we came home i just changed clothes to get out skate some. With a pretty bad injured foot and a heavy cold i pushed myself to a place called “Parallels”. A pretty famous spot which i always wanted to skate. And guess what? Some pros was there. Like P.Rod, Brandon Biebel, Lopez and Jereme Rogers. Kinda sick! Talked some with Brandon and he though i should follow then to the MACBA but i had to get home. So now i sit here, in my bed at my room ready to get out and eat some. Tomorrow is probably gonna be a all skating day. Lets hope so

Just came home from MACBA. Shit, its the sickest place ever. Its a big square, and i mean BIG. I was there from like 11.20pm til 00:05am. Got my mom sick worried i guess. Went out with the board at like 10:30pm said i was gonna be out for like 30 mins but i went to MACBA instead. Everyone i asked said it was 3 blocks away. So it ended up being more like 20 blocks instead of 3. Took some time, but it was worth it. Now its time to take a shower, watch a episode of skins and sleep so i manage to do another day here in Barcelona.

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It is done. Me, Hampus Lars Elis Lideborg is going to San Fransisco. For 8 months i am going to work at a agency called viagra over the counter This was the agency i wanted to go to in the very beginning of my intershipdreams. So my new adress to “my” office will be 700 illinois Street, SF CA. Sounds nice, doesnt it?

My American Dream is comming true. Oh yeah baby. It is comming true!

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Once upon a time there was a little boy named Hampus. The little boy grew from a baby to a young man fast and early fell inlove with some pieces of plastic called Lego. Already from the start the little boy was really hooked on theese small pieces of plastic. He got older and the creativity and inspiration that he got from his grandfather which did some painting back in the days just got bigger and bigger. In hes early years at the school he went to the boy was very good at drawing random monsters and warplanes. This was not so appreciated from the parents or the teacher. But the boy didnt really care and continued hes drawings.

In the mid 90′s the boys mother bought a computer home to the house where the boy and hes family lived. The computer was something that the now 8 year old boy really got hooked to. It was alot of games and a drawingsoftware called MSpaint. He drawes alot and played alot of games. Actually so much that the mother had to give the boy some timelines so he’s eyes wouldnt get all square and wierd.

The years went by and the boy grew up to be a little brat. The one that always fights with the teacher just because she really hates the little guy and probably just because he was a kinda ass to the teacher aswell.

Anyway the boy who grew even more calmed down alot and got into media. The three years the boy studied at the mediaschool really inspired him to do something with hes life. Before he graduated the mediaschool he applyed for a two year education in a small small pissy town called Karlskrona. During some months he was very sceptic to the school just because there was alot of changes done that disturbed the feeling and the mood in the class. In the middle of April during he’s first year he managed to make a motionreel, the kindaone that he never thought he woulda done, because motion was cool, but nothing he would work with. Anyway, the boy mailed some agencys and he got some answers. One answer that maybe could change his life. A mail that made him jump up and down and scream a little bit. The boy is now a really happy man and the story will continue soon. Ill promise, it will.

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Hello people.
Been bad with this bloggins shizzle for the latest days. Dont post to often and keep you guys updated about my life. What can i say… Sorry? No but seriously, not so much has happened. I have been working alot with my motionreel and the final result is finally up to weiv at my portfolio canadian pharmacy viagra.
Im really proud of what i have achieved and i think that this motionthing is gonna be my life for some time now. Its so fun just developing the skills and try to learn more 3D to put into motion. As we use to say, “motion is the new black”.

So a new module has started, its design specialisation2 and we get to work with the bonniergroup. Thats like a big Swedish mediagroup that has a new project on the move. It says that all the info is confidential so i cant really tell so much but the project is pretty small to have 5 weeks work on it. I would rather have some other client like an other group that has SVT and shall do a whole programthing with intro, outro and small motionstuff. The thing we gonna do is basicly just print and design. Feel the peppen!

Installed 4GB RAM on my macbook pro today aswell, all by myself. Feel the peppen on that aswell!

Time to work some.

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Its really hard to describe how i feel about the school right now. Always this whining about the school but i seriously like live here so theres not so much else that happends in my life. New designmodule now and we are supposed to act like techers, project managers and designer… Fucking ey man! Thats just not right. Ive said it before and i say it again, thank god i didnt pay anything for this school.

I have my friends to thank. Emil first of all, Stephanie, Yvonne the crazy ass chineese, Herr Dagman, Emelie, Carin, Mistah dead pidgeon productions! Yeah you know who you are!

My reel is almost done, making some adjustements this weekend but atleast my new temporary portfolio is up. Check it out people how much does viagra cost

Now heres some nice music for yall that keeps the motivation flowin’.

Im a junglist!

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So, much has happened since last. Im almost done with my reel now and right now me and my roomie Emil is out on a swedish tour to talk a little about our school. I made some more 3D and i think i start to get som knwledge about it. Still looking for a internship place though. But next week ill start send out my reel to different agencys and hope something will happend. Can always hope i have more time to post in the blog now.


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