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March, 2008 Monthly archive

Dont know what happened, guess i had this bloggingflu that seems to spread like the wind here in Karlskrona. Been very busy though plus there hasnt really been happening so much here. The interview went really good though. He liked me i guess… Thought that i had some really nice eye for compositions, colour and i knew my photography. He also said that he thought i could get really, really good within a few years and that just boosted me up like crazy. Thank you Tony!

So right now im building up a motionreel and rebuilding my portfolio. Everything will be done the 13th of April. Its just to wait guys! Starting to learn alot more 3D now so that fun. Actually when i look back at my year at hyper ive learned alot. And then i mean alot alot. That is kinda fun!

Next week we probably going to poland. Yayy, i have some kinda love for easterneurope countries and ill hope someday ill go to Russia aswell. Got a friend there that might invite me over someday!

So… i have been drinking energydrink and eatin candy all day and my sugarrush mixed with all the taurin just makes me shake and speedy as hell. Time to go out of my cell and dance some outside, need to remove some energy. Peace people!

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Yeah, just like Ice Cube said. Today was a good day.

Been off this blogging the past week but i had pretty much to do, ill list some of the stuff that happened to me the latest week.

  • Forgot my skateboard on the train home to Karlskrona. (The lost’n'found havnt got it yet)
  • Crew12 came to Karlskrona
  • Crew12 partyed in Karlskrona
  • Was drunk probably 4 nights in row
  • Had a really good time
  • Got inroduced to the agency Perfect Fools
  • Mailed Perfect Fools about internship
  • Started with a motionreel
  • Merged alot of motion
  • Called Perfect Fools about internship
  • Ordered flyingtickets for a interview/cofeemeeting with Perfect Fools office in Stockholm
  • Had a really good time again
  • Got tired
  • Need to sleep because its 04.36am now

So, that was pretty much it. Im doing alot of motiongraphics now and that is probably what i want to work with in the future. Good night for now.

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So i finally got home from my night in gothenburg. It was fub, alot of beers with my friend gugzzz!”!!! KÄNN PEPPEN!!!

Yeah, heres 2 pics i dint put up earlier today.

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Was skating with some old pals in Gothenburg today, now its time for me to meet Gugzzzz and drink beer. Alot of it. Peace!

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So… I will probably post some pictures from the londontrip before the weekend. Have alot of pics from my analog camera to scan in and play around with. Well, i have been mailing like 10 different agencies about internship now and not even a single one have answered me. My friend Emil has searched to pretty much the same places and he use to get a answer like some hours after he send some. It feels like a punch in my fucking stomach or something… I really gotta fix my portfolio and try to make a motion reel or something. The self esteem really gets to a level below zero when this kinda things happends. I guess thats why i feel like everything is booring. Even though the school has really fucked up this module this time. Its not just me but almost the whole design team feels like this. Im happy i didnt pay for this education, because then i would probably demand my money back.

The CEO starting up new educations all over the world and the brand of Hyper Island is just getting worse and worse. Gah, im just so pissed at everything now… Feels like my dream of comming to the United States and make my internship just getting weaker and weaker. Going to gothenburg this weekend though to meet up with some friends and go see Cunninglynguists. Really looking forward to it! Maybe ill get some break and can actually start my creative side a little bit again. Now im gonna go to bed and watch some movie or something… Bu-fucking-hu…

By the way, if you havnt checked out our classsite, do it, and do it now!
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Skateboarding is the new back.

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So i have been in England.
Right now im sitting at the airport outside London with 5 minutes left on my wifi time. Got alot of pics and alot of experience to write about so maybe ill give you a big post tomorrow.


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