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January, 2008 Monthly archive

Damn, there was a long time since i wrote here. Not so many things has happened though. I was out partying 2 days this weekend and i won like 300kr again. The gambling part is going pretty well for me now but i know when to stop, so dont worry.

Dont know really what has happened more, we in the docu team has started to structure our work and we got to know we are going to england soon to have a party and we in the docu team going to Stockholm next week to shoot some guerilla marketing. And Cathrine coming here this weekend, yayy.

So now im just tired and thinking about if its worth going to bed now so i can go to the gym tomorrow morning.

Now my roomie said that we dont have any warmwater before 10pm tomorrow so i pretty much gotta go to the gym just so i can take a shower… Its time for me to sleep now then, peace.

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Ok, been pretty busy these two days with a task we got from two people at the agency “Sidlee” that is based in Montreal, Canada. Yesterday they spoke pretty much about their company and how they worked which was very interesting. They have this thing that is called “Sidlee Collective” which basicly means that some of the co-workers maybe is interested in photography and always dreamed about having a little exhibition. They actually let that man/woman do their thng for like a week or something and then they will do everything in their world to try open a exhibition for the mans/womens interest. The values seemed really nice and it is a nice alternative to US if i dont get a internship there.

Anyway they gave us a task that was about marketing. We were supposed to come up with a small marketplan for like worlds biggest “circus” called Cirque De Soleil. Its more then a show really but youtube it if you want to know more.

By the way, i made potatoes with “fiskbullar” and curry today. Ahhh… so good.

In my group we came up with some nice guerilla marketing and i managed to do some small poster prints aswell that i got really satisfied with. Now its time for me to sleep and hope that i can sleep for more then 7 hours… Its so wierd, if i sleep more then 6 hours i usually wake up like 2 hours before the clock rings and i cant fall asleep again. That just sucks… Well, nighty nighty. And Heath Ledger, Rest in peace.

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So i finally manage to fix a pair of pocket wizards. Not just a pair, three actually. For you that dont know what it is its a tranciever/transmitter to your camera. You put one device on top of your camera and in the other one you but your flash. So its radiosignals and they reach up to 500 meters. It simply means that i can have my flash to the camera 500 meters away and then shoot it off with my camera and it syncs! I know, the stuff you can buy today is just crazy.

So we got started with the documentary a bit more today, filmed two groups and edited some. But it has been like way too much just relaxtime. Where i took some time to play Quake 3 with my friend. I pretty much suck at it and when it comes to videogames, i get very agressive when i loose. So i hit my mouse in the table and now my scroll dont work anymore… Its sad, just sad.

I have been sick for a while now and havnt been capable to train in a while but i feel kinda good now so i probably will tomorrow, yayy for me!

Here is some pictures by the way that i took today, really love the “modelly” feeling about them.

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Im in my bed now wathcing one of the best movie ive watched in a long time. Its called “The Bucket List” and is about two old men getting cancer and instead of just laying in theirs beds dying they actually have a list they follow and do all this crazy stuff. I really think you would see it if you got the time. Its a feelgood movie with Jack Nickolsson (spell?) and Morgan Freeman. It made me smile, alot. Im about to sleep now though but i fixed some of my pictures from Holland today. Not to be a egoist, but i love the self-portrait.

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Good evening people. Today was a sunday… And like any other sundays the ambitionlevel is not 100%. I actually got up of bed like 5pm this afternoon and that was to get some breakfast. I woke up at like 11.30am and grabbed my computer that i actually almost felt asleep with last night. So i just woke up and continued to watch “Nip/Tuck” which is a serie thats about two plastic surgeons (spelling?) and their life. Maybe sounds kinda boring but i find it quite fun. The humor is kinda raw and black and it is kind of unexpected. Anyhow, i like it and i almost watched whole season1 which is 13 episodes one hour each. Only got 2 more to go!

Also made some laundry today and learned Cathrine how to be illegal. Yeah, downloading movies and such. Shes such a gangster…

So now i just got out of the bathroom and decided to make me a milkshake… I dont know why really but i had some bananas and my milk is passing the date tomorrow. So i grabbed some Ben n Jerrys “New York Super Fudge Funk” some bananas and some milk. It turned up to taste great and i hope that gets me to sleep.
Guess thats all for now, tomorrow my portfolio will be done. Yayy!

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Now ive sobered up some and managed to fix some photos i took today.

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Ok, i got home from playbar some hour ago now and i just realised how fucking sad people around here are. I may be under the influence of alcaholic drinks right now but its still some truth in it. Cheap ass punkrockers sitting on the same raggedyass discusting pub year out and in. I just cant get a grip of some people around here. I just feel so bad for them. As you can understand im just so over this small little fucking town now so i want to puke. There is seriously no fun place to go and there is nothing to do on the spare time except sit in school and work.

Then maybe you think. “But make something of the situation then”. So what am i going to do? Play with cones and sticks? What the fuck guys… I just want to get to my internship and be creative for 8 months. So sorry for having such a bad language, probably my mom will mention it next time she calls me up and want to talk some sense in me. But hey, i dont love home anymore so i can do pretty much what i want. Yayy for being a adult… I remember the kindergardendays. Back in the days, way back when i was playing with lego and everything was all good. Or as Snoop would say, “All Hood”.

Cant really tell what i am trying to say now so i will probably just go to sleep… Nighty nighty niggez and niggetz. Peace~™

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So i came home from sthlm this monday and the presentation for the portfolio was supposed to be monday so i missed it. Kinda lucky though because i didnt had a portfolio i was satisfied with. It was simple, and i liked that, but it was too simple. All grey with a few links that showed some of my artwork. So day before yesterday at like 10pm i decided to make a new portfolio. I the last two days i actually skipped our communicaton classes to make my portfolio. I know its not so hard to do the one ive did and it doesnt work so good in Internet Explorer, but i will fix that tomorrow. But hey, i almost did it all by myself. Almost no help at all. That made me feel a bit happy.

So a new module is starting tomorrow and we are suppose to be in school at 8am and listen to them talking about it, that sucks. Bigtime. Well well, life in karlskrona rolls on and i got myself a pretty bad cold. Snuuzing and sneezing alot the last 2 days so its been nice sitting alone in my cell while the other was at the communication class.

Anyway, heres my “test” homepage, some more fixes to fix before its all done.
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Was a while since i wrote something now. But since my last post when i was kickboxing my bruise has gone from darkblue to bright purple… This friday i took the train to stockholm. I was supposed to film for a extremesportcompany this monday so i though i took a weekend in Stockholm. It was a really nice weekend. Went out partying some and bought some new clothes, how a bout a “kiss my airs” t-shirt. Gotta love Caliroots.

By the way, i fixed my scanner today and started to scan in some old negatives ive got laying in a old postcard. So much more fun with analog then digital, the photos looks so more real. Well, its time for me to sleep now. But before you start checkin’ my photos, look this Nike AF-1 commercial out. Its freaking sick! when will generic viagra be available

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Holy shit. That was the most intense hour ive experienced in a while. Pretty fun though but my breakfust wanted to get up my throat almost the whole time. So i almost puked, but thats a good sign i guess. I pretty much trained the hell out of me. Emil got a bit violence with his kicks and punches so i got some bruises and some pain… That ass.

But now im off to “Skatteverket” to start my own company and after that im going to the bank to open up a new account and get some mastercard or something so i can do some internet shopping. Stupid as i am i ordered a personal trainer later today to show me the gym and help me with some training… I seriously can move my body now, so i just dont want to think of how im going to be tomorrow. Off i go now, Peace.

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