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December, 2007 Monthly archive

Been kinda off lately but you all know how it is around christmas, you dont get so much time infront of your computer.

At least i got some time today and actually watched almost whole season 4 of Entourage, probably my fav show after Dexter. Got some pretty nice stuff in present. Got a really nice set of glasses from my girl and a shirt from her parents. Also got some books that i really appreciated, one of em is about HTML/CSS coding so i guess ill be starting kinda good with that.

Now im just really tired watching Ricky Lake on TV3. Cathrine just came over and now she felt asleep in the sofa. Its time to sleep people.

Btw, i bought my favourite shoes today, been looking for em for like 2 years now and i finally managed to find them in excactly my size, 8,5. Also bought a pair if new jeans and cutted my hair, yayy!

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Cant say so much really. We were in Denmark and it was really nice. Today me and my sister took some pics, was kinda fun. Now it is Christmas, kinda fun aswell. Yeah right… Fuck christmas. Goodnight.

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Oh yes, finally my week at Rimab is over. Im now on my christmas holiday for real. The week at Rimab has been pretty calm though, my work ethic have not been on top so i have chilled kind of hard i guess. You guys that know me recognize that im not very keen of christmas. I just hate it, cant really go deeper why i do it now just because tomorrow is going to be early and im celerbrating my first christmas this year. And trust me when i say its not the first one…

Tomorrow my dad has planned something secret. Me and my sister dont know what it is, we just know that we are leaving home at 06.50am and comming home late night. Would be fun if we were going to denmark but i just dont know.

Need to sleep now, talk tomorrow.

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Hell yeah, been working 6am-3pm today. Lucky i managed to find a little place to sleep (see video). Also started small konceptbuilding on the big job i got. Heres a sketch for their logotype. Cant really tell more just because its pretty secret n shit. Time for me to sleep now… Its way to early though. Hate to flip the day like this. Well, just three more days.

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Much has happened since last time.

  • I got home to Gothenburg
  • My friend had an wild drum’n'bass party
  • i bought shoes
  • i bought jeans
  • i bought more shoes
  • My friend turned 20

Yeah, thats about it. Ive also learned alot more HTML and CSS just because im doing a webpage for a hairdresser heer in Gothenburg. The site looks really boring but it was the customers choice to have it that way. Also pretty lucky it wasnt too hard just because my mad haxx0r skills isnt 100% yet.

Tomorrow im starting to work at Rimab again for 4 days. Its pretty nice paid but its kinda boring job. Up 5.00am tomorrow and clean the dirty floor of Volvo. Time for me to sleep now, heres some pictures i took yesterday and one of my new shoes (the party shoes).

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Finally the luck has changed. Got two freelance jobs today, one of them is really big and can lead to more job and more cash to me. Cant really tell what it is but the other is just making a simple website. This is really good so i can develop my tech skills and become better at HTML/CSS. Im tired of sitting in my cell. Want to go home now. Nighty!

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Yeah, today our Portfolio module started. And today we started with a flash workshop. Our goal was to create a banner to market ourselfs. Never really sat with flash before so it was kinda tricky to fix everything. Flash isnt really something i wanna work with anyways but its kinda good to know a little i guess. Then i continued on my illustration and sat like 3 hours when my computer died and i had to start from where i did earlier today. Im so tired now and i will be up in 6 hours to play some squash with niggepeh. YEAH!

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Just saw last episode of Dexter season 2. Can tell you that its like the best show you ever seen. And im still working on my illustration, not so much today though just because i fixed my portfolio a little. Plus a got a HTML/CSS job pretty nice close to the christmas and were all in need of cash.

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Yeah, just sat in school chillin and drawing some today. Didnt came so far. But it looks like this now.

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Yeah, just a small thing i started today. Gonna work more on it tomorrow. Ive been laying in bed the whole day today, worst hungover on a long long time so i just chilled some, watching some movies and series. Time to sleep now. Nighty.

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