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Viagra meme - How long for viagra to take effect

Got damnit, the day didnt start very good. I overslept like the second day in a row now. Fucking sleeping problems make me crazy. Even if i go to bed early i just cant sleep, and that make me sleep like 4 hours night the last 3-4 days. So i woke up with a little panic, missed the first lecture and havent packed for my trip to Holland.

Yeah! Going to Holland today, some drum’n'bass festival called like strp. Its a technic festival mixed with a alot of different DJs and its gonna be freaking wild. We living at a classfriends house whos from a little town called Uden. Right now i havnt really packed and its 45 mins til we gonna meet at the train station. Im a bit in a hurry and im not gonna bring the computer so no writing is gonna happend this weekend.

Wish me a fun trip.

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