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November, 2007 Monthly archive

Today we got a visit from Pixar Studios. A women came here from San Fransisco supposed to talk about her job at Pixar. She was some kind of background and light designer and the lecture she had was really really fun.

She talked alot about how they worked when they started a new movie. I just couldnt imagine how much work there really is behind a animated film. I mean i know there was a lot of work but there is so many things you just never think about. There is all the storyboard painting/animation and all the lightning in the end of the production that does so much. I mean i can go on all night but thats three of the stuff she told about.

By the way, heres some movies from our weekend in Holland.

Check like the 36second. Love when the beat starts again.


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Got so tired yesterday so i didnt actually had the “ork” to do it. Anyway heres some pics from the weekend in Holland, videos will probably come later this afternoon.

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Holland and STRP.

Holy shit, there is so much to tell and im kinda tired so im gonna try be a little short.
This Friday we went from Karlskrona to Kaspers little town in Holland called Uden. Its a town kinda similar to Karlskrona but way more party life. When we arrived at Kaspers house like 10 o clock we got met up with some really nice beer and some food that looked like french hot dog except it was fully closed and there was some wierd sausage in it.

When we sat there drank our beer, listening to some dubstep everyone got so excited about the festival that we wanted to go out party. 2 hours later we were at a small club drinking alot of beer and 1 hour after that we were at some other club where we danced the shit out of the dance floor. I think everyone though we was on LSD or something because 5 mins after we entered the dance floor we were the only ones there. The alcoholics drinks flowed and people were getting more and more happy. When the club closed we were so eager to get more but Uden had no more place that were open after 3am so we got home slept some, and as we deserved woke up with some headache and a vague memory from the stuff we did the night before.

At least everyone got up and we manage to eat some breakfast. And by breakfast i mean candy. Seriously the stuff we had on our sandwich was sick. Only like chocolate flakes and peanut butter and just alot of things you would die for if you were 5 years old. That morning i was 5 years old again and i ate chocolate and caramel flakes like never before. Everything on a white piece of bread. I was in breakfast heaven.

Well well, we got to the bus and in to Einhoven where the festival where at. Checked around some stores. Saw some really cool stores that i wish i could buy alot of different stuff in but didn’t really had the cash.

At least we got some food and a small apprehension about Eindhoven before we got to the festival. We took the train out to Philips old habitats where the festival was located and bought the tickets at the entrance. The first thing i thought of was the sweet smell when you entered the locals. There was red “pillows” everywhere where people smoked everything you can imagine. The sweet smell from the marijuana joints was taking over the whole smell in the locals and you just see twinkling lights everywhere and a weak stream of music that you hear from a far.

Now i will post some of the stuff that were of a festival stealed from Kaspers blog.

Atom was a really inspiring music and spatial visual piece done by monolake. They created 64 balloons on a grid which were replaceable by height and therefor they could create abstract sculptures with these balloons. Each of these balloons could light up whenever they wanted to. Accompanied with some really good abstract music they managed to create a beautiful and inspiring piece of work.

TFT Tennis
Plain simple, but good, pong in 3D, I loved it.

Bejing Accelerator
An agile tool to view nice panoramas from Bejing

Motor Karaoke
Haha probably the one with the highest entertainment value. A racing game based upon on ruke: The harder you scream, the faster you go. You could hear people screaming from the other side of the building. Some swedes lost their voice here.

Theese were just some of the few technical wonders that i saw on the festival. Well, let me forward the time like 6 hours from now. Then the time is maybe 2am and the big part of the technical exhibition had closed. Now it was all about partying and all the DJ’s that played. It was totally crazy with dubstep, rave, techno and house. I think I’ve never danced this much in my life. I probably danced 5-6 hours and i probably never drunk so much beer and bacardi/cola at that short ammount of time either. What can i say, the last 3 hours of dubstep was so great its hard to describe with words. I will upload some movies and pictures tomorrow just because I’m really tired and in need of sleep right now.

We got home to Kasper at 9am again. Then we had been up for almost 36 hours and partied like 10 hours of them. What a weekend…

We got to the plane, bought some liquor at the tax free shop and i got a small sms. “Hey Hampus, im feeling a bit ill, think ill be home tomorrow”. It was Emil who was in Örebro this weekend and he was the only one that had the keys home…

Imagine 3 guys smelling smoke, sweat and hungover when they get the words that they cant come home tonight. It was just a lack of communication when we went away that Friday and now it was just so tough facing the fact that we were not coming home that night.

We went home to “The Gävle Dudes” and were gonna sleep there, just before we were going to sleep some of em got the idea that we were suppose to drink up all the tax free that we bought earlier today. I weren’t really in the mood but the other guys started to play dubstep drinking alot. And by alot i mean puke-alot. The night ended pretty rough for some of em.

Now I’m going to sleep and ill hope you enjoy my Holland experience. As told before i will upload some pictures and movies from the festival tomorrow so hold on guys.
God night.

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Got damnit, the day didnt start very good. I overslept like the second day in a row now. Fucking sleeping problems make me crazy. Even if i go to bed early i just cant sleep, and that make me sleep like 4 hours night the last 3-4 days. So i woke up with a little panic, missed the first lecture and havent packed for my trip to Holland.

Yeah! Going to Holland today, some drum’n'bass festival called like strp. Its a technic festival mixed with a alot of different DJs and its gonna be freaking wild. We living at a classfriends house whos from a little town called Uden. Right now i havnt really packed and its 45 mins til we gonna meet at the train station. Im a bit in a hurry and im not gonna bring the computer so no writing is gonna happend this weekend.

Wish me a fun trip.

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its been a while since i wrote some. As i told i took the train to Gothenburg for the weekend. Arrived back in Karlskrona monday afternoon so i had almost 3 days in the nice city of Gothenburg. Met up with my friend Nils( and also had some dinner with my mom and my dad. Really nice to meet my dad again, havent met him since i moved to Karlskrona so it was nice catching up a little. Of course it was nice to meet mom aswell but ive met her some times since i moved.

And of course i spent some time with Cathrine. Actually ate the new Ben&Jerrys ice cream which contains like chocolate chunks, chocolate mousse and some chocolate cookies. Do i need to tell more? It was amazing, gotta love Ben&Jerrys for their nice taste to come up with these kinda flavours.

Today was a pretty slow day, woke up with some migraine so i skipped school today. Sat home and made some graphics to my portfolio ive been starting to think about. Our next module is about making a portfolio to yourself so i guess why not start now? After some basic coding and the workshops with Niggepeh i actually consider choose tech in the next term.

HTML/CSS is really fun, and why not choose something else so i can develop more and maybe freelance a little on the side as a webdeveloper. As many people says there is really hard to get freelance jobs as a designer if youre not really specified and really good at it. I feel now like im pretty standard so why not have a plan B if the designpath doesnt wanna go all the way. The world need coders, maybe i can be one of them or something.

Now im watching Heroes and wish i could sleep. I have such a hard time to sleep these days. Dont know why, i mean i should fall asleep pretty easy because im pretty stressed about school and everything arounds it. Well, i got a book about coding from Niggepeh today. Maybe ill sleep easier of i read some before im supposed to. Nighty Night.

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Im into typography. Today we had a lecturer named is viagra government funded. He had done some serious jobs for clients like Calvin Klein, British Library and We Not I. He really was educated in the fine art of typography and i think he could really explain all the do’s and the don’ts. He worked at a agency who did really minimalistic stuff. You know thoose people who love to see a white paper and see that as art. Not really like that but he like space.

When he showed some of his work i really felt a hunger for magazine layout. That would be so fun to work with a nice magazine and be the layout designer or something similar to that. Well, right after i thought about being a layout designer he gave us a assigment to do a minimalistic layout for a architect. We had some rules, one was that it was going to be in two different languages. As you can see i used babelfish for the french. I think i managed to do something really nice and hope that he thinks so aswell. The layout he think is the best will be priced with a really nice book designed by the agency he works at.

Now im laying in my bed watching my new favourite show, Dirty Sexy Money. Gotta love it, soon im gonna sleep and hope i manage to do a nice presentatin so he will like the layout. Would be fun to win.

We also had a meeting about our crewsite, pitched some ideas and some guys actually liked the idea that we had and there was some really nice ideas that was flying round the room. Anyway, time to sleep not. Its 04.37am god damnit.

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I just got into bed to watch some series right before i go to sleep. I bought some avocado two days ago and i actually did something with em today. If you take Keso and mix it with some well cutted avocado, put it on a sandwich and sprinkle some “örtsalt” on it and you have a nicely done nightsnack.

Been coding some more today and also we had a group meeting about our crewsite again and we have a solid idea now that we gonna pitch for the class tomorrow. Hope its gonna go well, also some typography lecture with a guy from London tomorrow. Yayy!

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I just hate to start the blogpost with saying “hi, hello, yo or ok” or something other cheesy so i just gonna get to the point from now on. Today was a really fun day. To start with i must say that the beginning of this module has been a real surprise. Finally Hyper Island is starting to live up to some of my expectations i had when i started here.

This new module is called Visual Communication and is all about what i want to do. For you that dont know me i can tell that the thing i want to do is do smart commercial. Not just beautiful pictures or a nice typo but a mixture with a brilliant idea, a nicely photographed and edited photo with a add of a nicely considered typography. To do something that just doesnt look good, but actually give the wiever a feeling or atleast a though about the ad, weather its a good or a bad thought. Of course i wanna continue with my photographing and tomorrow my filmscanner arrives so i can finally see my Lomopictures from USA and some b/w pics from my moms wedding.

Well, at this lecture we had today he spoke about all the things i wanna know more of. How the wiever see on different objects and colours. The guy were from French so all hes “s” sounded like “z” and he had some hard time pronouncing “The Circles”. Sounded more like “Ze Zerclez”. Gotta love french people. He had such a passion in what he talked about and that made the lecture probably one of the best ive had so far.

So the first part was all about understanding how we felt about a certain colour or a certain shape, but after lunch we painted… Acrylic paint could be one of gods better ideas. I havnt painted in such a long time but just experementing with different colours and splats made me feel like i was in a art school. After the lecture which ended about 5 pm we sat down some people and brainstormed (i hate the word brainstorming by the way, its sounds so 2000) about the theme and koncept for our Crew site. I actually starting to see a light beneath this wall of darkness that has been in the way for me some month now. Looking forward for more good lecturers and inspiring people.

I continued with my CSS/HTML workshop today with niggepeh and it worked out really good. i actually starting to understand this strange world of code and manage to think it actually is pretty fun. Remember, its always the coders who make the most money. Ill probably not end up as a coder but its a fun alternative or a mixup from my design background. Anyway ill try sleep some now just because i have a really hard time doing that lately, dont know why really. Maybe because i miss my Cathrine pretty much. Going to Gothenburg this weekend though, cant wait to get there. So long time ago i was there now. Love to go with the train, i have 4 seasons of the TV serie “Entourage” to look forward to so i just love to settle down with a coke and maybe a kexchoklad and just enjoy the 4 hours i can be calm and think of nothing else then how many episodes more i can watch. Im starting to loose the talking now, time to sleep. Nighty Nighty.

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Ok, so its sunday again. Tomorrow is the start of a new module which im really looking forward to. Today i really sat with some graphic and i feel that the inspiration is flowing to me again. Thats so nice because i havnt been really creative in the last month. Probably because of the boring module and all the time that the module took from me. But now im back on track and i actually got a job. Make a website for a conulting company and today i was done with two layouts. Never really done weblayout but im pretty satisfied with em. Time for me to go to bed and watch some snowboard movies… Peace people.

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My stoned friend just came home and woke me up… This is some of the stuff i made today.
I fell asleep with my comp in my bed and i wake up now… feels pretty sketchy, im not even tired…

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