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October, 2007 Monthly archive

A friend said something to me today when we was talking about the problems with Hyper Island that felt so true. “Hej vår skola är helt unik, världsbäst och vacker. ingen ‘feedback’ du lämnar till oss betyder egentligen något, för vi vet att vi är bäst”. I dont really have any english readers so you all know what it means. The only way i write on english is because we needed a studentblog. Every student needed a blog, and just because were a international school it needed to be on english, so ive just decided to change the language and use this one instead.

Leopard was installed to my Macbook Pro today. And i gotta say i LOVE the new “mail”. It has so many new features that felt so unnecessary when you didnt knew about them and they feel so right now when you have them. Like a built in RSS reader for example, its so nice. Havent really tried the other functions yet but will probably do tomorrow. Now i am deadtired and really gotta sleep. So todays macapp is actually for Leopard users only.

Dockscrew… Change the look of the Dock of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to the darker flat look, even when the Dock is on the bottom.

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Monday again and first day at school after the weekend. I may have not told you that the new module is running and i am in a group of six different guys that really want to sell our idea. The problem is that some in the group has a really hard time getting here. Today we were 2 persons out of 6 on the lecture this morning that was one of the most profitable lecturers we had for this module.

And yeah, a little about the lecturers. While we in Karlskrona get the same guy for way too many times now the crew up in sthlm gets people that has been selected to like “speaker of the year” and we only get to see him on webcam… When i searched here i really thought that the standards was waaaayyy high. But i realise that theyre not. This really dissapoint me when i fought like hell to get into this “holy school”. Damnit i think i put my expectations way to high for this one. I just cant wait to get rid off all the module, teachers, lecturers and the cells just so i can get to some nice internship and get the experience that im really looking after. We are a international school and some of the lectures dont even has their presentation in english. “Skärpning tamigfan”…

I know im a little negative now and you people may just think im whining and whining but when a school with this high reputation cant live up to it people will get dissapointed, and thats what i am now.

My sister arrived to the city today. We made some food, saw a film and talked a little. Was a long time ago ive seen her. Almost since i moved. Anyways its nice having her here. Tomorrow we are going out for some nice expensive food :) .

Dupin… iTunes’ “Show Duplicates” feature is helpful but you still have to examine every track to determine whether you want to keep or delete the tracks it finds. Smart Playlists are of dubious help and trying to locate all duplicates with them can be tedious as they can quickly crowd your Source list and slow iTunes down.

Now there’s Dupin.

Dupin is your iTunes duplicates manager.

Dupin allows you to quickly find all sets of duplicate tracks in iTunes based on the criteria you choose. It can then automatically select the “Keeper” tracks from among a number of duplicates using your choice of a variety of versatile filter options. Tracks you decide not to keep can be purged from iTunes and their files optionally moved to the Trash. Dupin is flexible, fast, and easy to use.

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Today was a bad day. Woke up like 4pm with some headache and a terrible taste in my mouth. The memory of just throwing myself in the bed right after i saw some snowboardfilms, right after i came home, right after i was out. And when i mean out, i mean drinking, dancing and having a total blast. So i got a bit drunk and woke up with this annoying hung over and some nice memories from the night before. When actually realize that i was sitting up with my basketshorts on i remembered staying up waaaay too late the night before. When you fall asleep in your clothes when you was watching snowboardfilm in your bed is a sign that you were pretty tired. So i stayed up a little late and maybe i drank a little too much, but the evening was one of the best in a long long time.

Tatiana left today at like 6pm and around 3pm tomorrow my littlesister Hanna come visit me. Havnt seen almost since i moved here so its gonna be fun showing her Karlskrona a little. And remember my list this week, almost did all of em. I gymed 2 times, i made some print graphic, i made some 3D and i managed to sleep more then 6 hours some nights. You know i really hate going to bed, its so booring to actually get to the bed. I love to sleep, but the part before the sleeping is the most booring thing i know. Thats why im sitting here half past 3 trying to get to bed. Its a late morning tomorrow, the lecture starts at 11 so i can get myself some sleep anyway. Well well, time for me to shuffle myself to the bed now. Nighty folks.

Texas hold em widget’
Scenario Poker is a widget for Texas Hold’em limit poker. It takes ten minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. You’ll be playing in a three-round, shootout tournament against up to 27 simulated opponents. When you run out of chips, you’re out. But if you win everyone’s chips, you keep advancing to the next table until you’re the champion!

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Ikväll var jag inte helt hundra, precis kommit hem från playbar… aj aj aj. Godnsatt

Fan Control… Do you think your MacBook or MacBook Pro is running too hot? Then give Fan Control a try. Some MacBooks (Pro) are just to hot for daylong use. Fan Control adjusts the minimum fan speed depending on the current CPU temperature. For safety, it leaves the original automatic fan speed control intact.

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Yeah, the main subject today is that the TV-show Scrubs has started again, released like 3 hours ago and i just watched it. I know the show is kinda nerdy but hey, i love it. So im really excited that the last season is starting and it started pretty good, not top notch but im satisfied. My friend Tatiana came down from gothenburg today aswell, she came pretty late so we ate some chicken and watcjed some snowboarding movies. I was home from school today so i got some time to clean up my room, go to the gym and even try some new mac apps. And if i havnt told you guys i got a brand new 24″ samsung syncmaster standing on my desktop. Check out the pictures, i love the one when the laptop is standing to the right of it, looks a bit dark and nice desktop. On the otherone i cleaned it up, now it looks freeesh! Time to sleep, theres a day tomorrow aswell.

Quicksilver is a unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data.

Anyone using a computer (and the Macintosh is no exception) spends a lot of time locating files and applications, and then carrying out actions on those items. The Finder is a reasonably good tool for getting a visual overview of the contents of your disk, but it isn’t ideal for quickly locating and manipulating files, especially if you have a deep and complicated folder structure, or if you prefer keyboard navigation to using the mouse.

Quicksilver allows you to find what you need quickly and easily, while keeping your hands on the keyboard. For example, if you want to launch an application hidden in the depths of your file system, simply activate Quicksilver with a keystroke, type a few letters of the application’s name, then hit Return or Enter to launch it. When you don’t need Quicksilver, it keeps out of your way, preserving precious screen real estate, and yet you can summon it instantly with a key stroke – just like Mercury the winged messenger. Actually, Roman mythological texts are remarkably silent on whether Mercury could be summoned with a key stroke, but it would have been great if he could. Quicksilver will certainly make you feel as if you have god-like powers.

Quicksilver indexes and parses selected parts of the contents of your hard drive in the Catalog, so that it locates and displays the items matching your search really quickly. If you are a programmer or an uber-geek, you will be glad to know that you can extend and customise Quicksilver until it does exactly what you want it to. The modular structure also means that the application will never be bloated: You only load the modules that you find useful

Just download it, youll love it!

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Yayy, some days i wrote in this blog but i had pretty much to do, weve just started with this new module and our idea for the people between 25-40 years is a flaweless idea that is going to work 100% and we are gonna be rich on it. That is as much i can tell you right now, i will post some tryes i did for the logo. But i wont post the idea so all you thieves can take it, hehe. No, but seriously i cant, we said in the group that were not going out to people with it, its a secret for now. Nuff spoken about that, i tryed to be a little creative today aswell. Had a speed workshop with my friend womens viagra. Photoshop vs. Illustrator, ofc i took the photoshop part and we had the theme “purple” to do something for 1 hour, so its kinda like speed graphic. Fun idea and creative to do. My clothes from Caliroots came today, i love my new gangster tshirt. Also ordered a trip to Holland today, its gonna be party at some festival which plays alot of d’n'b and dubstep. So excited to go there, costed like 400 SEK aswell so cheap trip. Ok, time for the sickest kebab on earth, seriously check the pic down at my friend Emil who just bought one. Its bigger then his head and we could eat it for almost 2 days. Sicker then sick!!!

Sapiens is an application launcher, it helps you access all the applications in your Mac. Sapiens is clever because it learns from you, so unlike any other launcher it predicts the applications you will likely need and offers a visualization of this prediction in an intuitive way. Sapiens is activated by moving the mouse in a circle (yes, it is a mouse gesture that finally works), therefore touching the keyboard is really the last resort to be used in case you want to search for a specific application. Sapiens was created because we recognize that users are tired of launching applications by typing (whether by using Spotlight or any other keyboard-based launcher). These launchers make us feel like we’re back in the ’80′s when the keyboard was the only input device. Everyone wants to have visual access to their favorite applications, but it’s inefficient and frustrating to organize applications in different folders or in different docks. Life is too short, and there’s not enough time to waste fighting against the entropy of the system. Sapiens is next evolutionary step in application launchers. It is a visual tool that predicts the applications you will want to launch and lays out the application’s icons in way that makes interaction with the mouse simultaneously intuitive and revolutionary.

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Ok, i know i wrote wrong in my last post. I didnt buy a skirt, i bought a shirt. Feel the difference in the mouth and taste the bittersweet flavour of failure. I did wrong, sorry! Ok, on to my life then. Remember i did a list last sunday, its gonna be one this week too. And i actually managed to do almost everything on that list. I didnt do any print though, and no motiongraphic aswell. But i trained actually 3 times not 2. No snickers or candy aswell. Only 1 kexchoklad and i was worth that one. And the reason that i didnt made any print or motion was that ive been doing alot of 3D this week. I was out photographnig today aswell, check further down for pictures.

MAC APP OF THE DAY (Maybe more a game.)
City Of Rauma
Simple city building simulator where the goal is to get as many inhabitants as possible while keeping them content by building public and recreational services. Similiar to the Sim City series.

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Ok, let me tell you about this thing i get sometimes. You know that next month is gonna be a little tight with money, not like über tight but when you already gonna buy a new 24″ screen for like 5000 and pay my mom 1000 theres gonna be a little less money then usual. Luckily i got some money from the “livingcontribution” (bostadsbidraget) and thats a pretty large ammount just because they havnt payed me for 3 months. Anyway, let me tell you a little about this phenomenon.

You enter a website, for me in this case it was how to use viagra. And i know that they were on a sale because i subscribe to their newsletter. It was the first night for the sale so everything was still there, not just t-shirts in XS or hoods in XXXXXXL for really fat people. Anyway, i entered the site and one of my friend was sitting next to me yelling “WHOA! CALISALE!!!”.
And when we see this large sale when they selling so nice clothes to so cheap price you gotta buy it. I know that if this wouldnt be on sale i probably wouldnt buy it, but its just this that i know its a sale.

When i see that my strange cell in my brain reacts. Buy! So i bought some stuff that i actually dont really need but they are hot so i dont care anyway, 1 longsleeve, 1 skirt and 1 tisch for 900kr. Thats pretty cheap if you think of the brands i bought from. My friend greaked and actually bought a pair of glasses for 1000kr. They were really sexy, but 1000kr. Thats a little too much. Well, heres is the pics on the stuff i bought. Dont complain on me mom, you will get your money. Yeah, my dad called me today aswell. Nice talking to him, i havnt really met him since i moved here to Karlskrona, feels odd though. Well heres the pics on the clothes. But first

Fix coverarts to all of your records in iTunes!
GimmeSomeTune is an application that extends iTunes’ functionality. With GimmeSomeTune, you can download lyrics and album covers without the user having to do anything – so that he can do things the computer can’t do for him. Furthermore, it shows you iTunes’ currently playing song in a beautiful floating window, which you can hide with the push of a button, and it can as easily be brought back to the foreground.

GimmeSomeTune offers the user a lyrics-window, which shows you the lyrics of the currently playing song. In this window, you can also edit the lyrics on the fly, and, if GimmeSomeTune can’t find any lyrics, look for them on Google. Of course, GimmeSomeTune features a vast number of hotkeys to control iTunes (and parts of GimmeSomeTune itself) out of any application. Alternatively, or as a complement, there is a mini-controller that lets you control iTunes with the mouse.

To please every individual user, GimmeSomeTune has functionality to change it’s appearance. The user can, amongst other things, modify the infowindow and the status menu. Even the information GimmeSomeTune shows you is changeable. Other features of GimmeSomeTune are support for iChat, a “Recently Played” menu and a daemon, which starts and quits GimmeSomeTune whenever iTunes starts or quits.

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Today has been a short day, even though now when i think back on it ive done pretty much. Was at the dentist, we actually choose 5 ideas from the 50 that we gonna pick out 1 of tomorrow, i got some flour so my teeths can stay “so fresh and so clean”. Right now i just downloaded the newest episode of my name is earl and i just watched the newest episode of Dirty Sexy Money which is a TV show based on a rich family and their lawyer. Its a really nice show actually. Ill probably make a show list tomorrow where you can see the series i watch and actually like. Hmm, what more to say. Im so tired right now. Its fucking 3.23 am and i gotta be up at 9. I seriously gotta make some rules for my “awake hours” every day. But 6 hours sleep every night works for me. I hate to sleep, think its booring. So what more… Yeah, the app, which today actually is a game. I dont know if you guys remember the first “Worms” game that came to PC. Anyways it was called Liero and i played too many hours of everyday. It now is a version to Mac where there is a online mode and alot of other stuff. Comment People!!!

OpenLieroX 3.0

OpenLieroX is based and compatible to the famous LieroX. LieroX is a 2D shooter game. It is an unofficial sequel to Liero, and is the most popular of all the Liero clones. It features online play, fully customizable weapons, levels and characters. Liero Xtreme was created in C++ by Jason ‘JasonB’ Boettcher, an Australian programmer.

The game is based on a deathmatch setting, where multiple players face off in a closed level. Each player is equipped with five weapons selected out of all the weapons allowed, and with a ninja rope that allows the player to move in any direction. Players begin with a set amount of lives, and whilst the game records the number of kills, the last man standing is usually considered the winner. LieroX also allows team deathmatches, which has made it common for players to form clans.

Because of the huge community, there are dozens of levels and mods available. You also have no problem to find somebody on Internet to play with. Or if you want to play offline, you also can play with bots.

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This is me watching tv-shows and being extremely tired.

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Goodevening people, its 3am and my eyes has started to talk to me, “Hey Hampus, go to sleep or we make the bloodvains in your eye to expand and be so much annoying we can”. It has come to a stage where actually my eyes are starting to hurt just because i sleep to few hours of the 24 that keeps the world running. I gotta say that the lecturers that the school has brought to us this start of the module is really good. Last module i was so disappointed on some of em that i was embarresed over the school lead. Yeah, maybe they would be good to something else but talk about fabric and have a service that make sms on fabrics to a tech module. Haha, that was a funny day. But hey, the positive. Im really pleased with the lecturers this week, we got one at 10am in like 8 hours and i actually heard of him before and he is suppose to be very nice. I crossed over one more thing in my list Today, was at the gym, again. And now it doesnt feel that strenuous anymore but it feels more natural. And thats one step in the right direction. I also made some 3D today again. 3D is so fun, i tryed to animate some but the program wanted to shut of after like 4 mins when i was doing that so i just tryed to make some nice hair on a character i made aswell. As you can see my modeling skills arent the best yet, but its comming guys, it does.

A Dashboard Widget displays lyrics of the song currently playing in iTunes. If you don’t have lyrics data, TunesTEXT searches online lyrics databases and download lyrics automatically. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. (This one i actuall use myself, and it search alot of databases so you get lyrics to pretty much everything you have, except swedish songs and stuff like that. But the findratio is really nice)

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