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September, 2007 Monthly archive

In sweden it rains, in Karlskrona it pours. Seriously i think ive never seen this much rain on one day before. Today something really nice happened. My girlfriend got some impulsnerves and today thoose nerves decided to take her to the centralstation and on a train to me in Karlskrona. Yayy!
By the way, i bought a new monitor today, its so cool. 22″ and you can even flip it on the side so you get a high and thin monitor instead of a wide and short one. Probably never going to use it but anyways, it just a cool detail.

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Im so tired that i dont really have something to write… Can post a pic of how i feel now…

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Kanyes new album is pretty good i think.

J a y an Ye so shy
Now he won’t even step to his idol to say hi
Standing there like a mime and let the chance pass by
Back of my mind he could change your life
With all these beats I did at least let him hear it
At least you could brag to your friends back at the gig
But he got me out my mama crib
Then he help me get my mama a crib

Big brother was Bigs Brother
Used to be Dame and Bigs Brother
Who was hip hop brother, who was No I.D friend
No I.D my mentor, now let the story begin

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Hey, im starting to learn the 3D a little more now. Sat with a tutorial for some hours and it turned out pretty nice actually.
Yeah, and about our Arduino, just gonna copy from our “Experience Tech” blog.

“After sweat, blood and tears we come to an idea, which seems actually possible to be working.

We combined our musical background with a vision of a great dream.
This morning when we all met the mood in the group was not the best. Frustration, anger and too little sleep made the tension really suck. So we spoke about how we are going to manage the task and we came up that this is all about having fun, not making a boring superserious concept. Then we went back to our “little fucker”, thats our new name for our Arduino. Guess why..?
We played with it and actually made a blue light blink a little. And there was light! Also manage to made some easy song too via the little Piezo. From that we actually managed to come up with a doable idea… Hooray for us!

We also had a followup today, well needed.”

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Yeah, today was the first day of the “real” module thats been going for the last week. We have only 3 weeks to do alot. And i really mean alot. We have to make a physical working device out of the stuff that we got earlier today. We got the theme “Sound and Light” and got like this soundcard that we can connect via USB and make maybe lights out of it. Its really hard to understand so i upload a little of the text thats in the assigment here.

The Main Task
The main task is a group activity in which each group has to create a solution that involves one or several components that they are assigned. A component can be a device, an electronic component or a piece of software. The solution should explore the components and challenge their use in creating a proof of concept for a product, service, game or interactive installation (all with an emphasis on exploration, innovation and fun).

Sound & Light
Work with light sensors, sounds sensors, microphones and speakers to create an art piece or prototype of a product based on abstract light and audio input. Avoid using digital visual output like a monitor. Think about the sounds that exist around us and how we react to them. What happens when sound goes beyond frequencies that we can hear? What is the relation between sound and other types of feedback like vibrations? What happens if the input and feedback happens in different locations? How can something visual be reflected in sound?

So as you understand its pretty much to do, more will be written about this project but its good for now.
I learned a little 3D today in Cinema4D. Also trys some new ways to edit my photos.

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Time is way past bedtime and i have too much to tell you guys. So you just gotta get satisfied with this youtubefilm and 1 photo from the wedding this weekend. But dont worry, i will write more tomorrow. Nighty

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Dont have to much to say really. Just made a remake on two of my favourite pictures. Nighty.

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Yeah people, me and my girl has been together for two years now. Sometimes its been hard but now we rollin the goldenroad. Hopefully we moving together in Los Angeles next year when i do my internship there. Well, we had a wonderful friday with food on a italian restaurant and then we drank some champange and ate some strawberrys. Yeah, i was in Gothenburg this weekend. Damn when i come there i really miss it. Karlskrona is nice, sure, but i still miss my hometown some. Ridin the trams, walking in nordstaden even Clas Ohlson the nice electronic store. Yeah, theres alot of things i miss from Gothenburg but im going there next weekend to, its a wedding on the G.

Oh, now im just talking alot of crap but about my visit in Gbg i met Tatty and Bea, that was really fun. They planning on comming down here soon. Our new module Experience Technology starts tomorrow so i really gotta sleep some now. Got like 8 hours of lecturing tomorrow. Lets hope its a good one.

Yeah, and about you people that just complains about my english on this blog… Seriously, its a blog, whatever…

Peace out~

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Soon, ima be back in gothenburg. Just cant wait to get there, pretty tired at karlskrona now actually. Even if i just sit in my cell all day long doing some graphic work. I mean sure, the enviroment is pretty cool… But you get tired if it. Time for me to sleep again.
Yeah, this is the shoes i must send back… Not funny, i love thoose.
Well well, Peace folks~

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Yeah, the big order ust came today. 4300 SEK box delivered to Karlskrona homebuy (hemköp). Of course not everything was to me. Actually just one of the stuff was mine. A fresh new pair of Nike Tre. Fucking freshest shoes in the book. Too bad they were too small. So i just send em back now and hope they have em in another size. Theese pics were taken yesterday night. Time to sleep now.

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Damn, i just felt asleep in the basement. This motionweek has really killed me. Sat in school til like 3am every got damn night the whole week. So now im tired and really mad on all the tasks we had to do. Next module is Experience Technology and i really looking forward to it. Right now, i just miss my girlfriend and wanna go home sleep so i gets thursday so i can go home to gothenburg.

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