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August, 2007 Monthly archive

Yeah i know i havent been posting in a while. So here comes the pictures frpm the team building course. Yeah, i got my macbook pro too. I love it and it loves me. Apple 4 life!
Today we got a really nice lecturer at school. Jonathan Biggs, the creator of Hyperisland came and talked some, i loved it. He knew too damn much, talked about googles domination in the advertisingworld and such. Really interesting.

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Yeah, the Team building is done, finally. Didnt felt like i got so much out of it really, just 500 kr less in my account… Pictures comming out tomorrow because now im gonna watcj Blades of Glory with my girl. Nighty.

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Dont have so much to say really… I just saw the lightning, and i friggin photographed it too. Now teambuilding course for two days out in the forest or sumthin. Laters.

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I mean serious… My room is filled with stuff and clothes and i dont really bother picking em up. I mean serious, how fucking lazy can i be? I walk right over em just watching down on em and thinking something like “Nah, ima take that tomorrow, or later… Or never”. Why dont i just bend down pull my little arm out and pick em out to take em to the trahs, laundrybag or in some box or whatever. I mean serious, i like it clean in my room but why the hell do i let all the shit on floor be then… I mean serious, this is just a fucking “I-lands problem”. I mean serious.

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Well me and my friend Stephanie has started like a new concept. What is it? Its a fresh fucking G tee. 4 ways to get more G. Shes a really nice illustrator so i think this can be really nice. Ill hope i can help some more then just come with ideas. Anyway this is the typography she made for the T-shirt. Still a WIP (Working in progress) so you will see more from this faboulous fresh freaking tee.

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I have been doing all theese days. Fucking UGL, thats it. Yeah we start like 8am and ends like 8.30-10pm. Its freaking wildlongdays. So its like 12 friggin hours a day. When i come home i like talk to my girl see a episode of heroes and sleep. Not so much of a day right? Nah, but its a really nice course, costs like 20000 for a provat and for us its like 1500 so its pretty niceprice yo! Now ima see a episode of heroes then sleep. Nighty.

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Yeah im tired as fuck now so i aint gonna tell what happened today, just chilled and ate good food. That about it. I made some freshalicious stuff too. Peace~

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Drive slow homie
Turn your hazard lights on when you see them hoes
Drive slow home
If you riding around the city with nowhere to go
Drive slow homie
Live today cause tomorrow man you never know
Ya never know homey might meet some hoes homie
Ya need to pump your brakes and drive slow homie

Yeah im sitting im my apartment listening to some Kanye West just chillin. Really nice day today, just skated some and then went home to just chill ya know. Well ima think i sleep some now.
Yeah, i made some DVD covers for my collection. Theyre nice!

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Yeah well, yesterday was a pretty big party. Everyine from Crew 13 got together and drank some beer just having a good time. Really nice to get to know some people some more. Also the last days in school has been really long. Everyone just present themself and that took like 8 hours for 2 days. Really “segt” to sit in thoose chairs all day. Anyway it was nice to get to know people some more, just know what kind of music their into and such. Now its time for me to go down to the local indoor skatepark. Bye bye folks.

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Cant really write so much now… Im on my lunch and i gotta write some personally presentation to the course after lunch. Uploading some pics though.

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